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Thursday March 22 workout reports

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My body is starting to object, but not too loudly -<br><br>
16 miles on TM - Nice slow fat burning speed<br><br>
Good running to all -
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I am curious on how she'll report the score. Some of the run on Sat, the rest on Sun. Howevah she wants to report it, it will be my honor to post the total on the leader board!
Another gorgeous night. 65F, light breeze, and wicked cloud formations threatening rain.<br><br>
An unplanned quality run. One of my training buds was running her tempo run tonight. Her T-pace is about my MP, so not as strenuous as Tuesday's run. I come to realize I don't run much MP in training. Its normally T-pace, or Easy pace. Not much inbetween.<br><br>
Tonight's run:<br>
10.5mi total<br>
3mi wup<br>
4.5mi at pace. (2x15min; with a 4 min recovery)<br>
3mi cdn<br><br>
Pace = 6:58<br><br>
85 minutes total<br><br>
Friday is rest. 23-25mi on Sat.
1 - 2 of 27 Posts
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