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Thursday March 22 workout reports

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My body is starting to object, but not too loudly -<br><br>
16 miles on TM - Nice slow fat burning speed<br><br>
Good running to all -
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5 mile slug on the TM. Totally did not want to do anything. My body thinks taper= complete hibernation, but i am trying to combat that.<br><br>
Flounder- i am surprised your body has not spoken up sooner. You run insane mileage.
<img alt="icon_cheers.gif" src=""> flounder on a good run!<br>
I only run no more than 70mpw at peak! I still think you are crazy. My body could never handle that mileage. I also would have to quit my job to find the time for all those miles, lol <img alt="smile.gif" src=""><img alt="smile.gif" src=""><img alt="smile.gif" src=""><br><br>
Yes, dg1, I have run into the headwind the entire way on an out and back run <img alt="sad.gif" src="">
that's peak for me, usually 60-ish plus tons of x-training
that makes more sense. I cannot run after or during work. Very limited on time <img alt="sad.gif" src="">
You can do it. And if not? there is always the next day. Nothing is written in stone. There is no rule that you have to run the entire distance. Walk if you have, but give it your best shot.
1 - 5 of 27 Posts
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