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Yeah Zoj, bike-packing… for some reasons I have no interest in hiking AT or long thru hike.. that sounds too much work and too big of a commitment’. I guess same can be said for bike-packing. Some do serious distance like pacific cost something rather, from Canada to México on bike. No thank you. Too many other things and places I want to go!
SB - yeah I hope the monitor finds an answer… it wold be so cool if we can explore your neck of the woods on bike. Tho hills scare me… with carrying all the stuff. Do people bikepack the mountains in your area? Like established routes, on gravel?

6-miles run after work, rain at 34F degree. Didn’t feel that cold. Solid run.

One resolution this year is to try new things by myself. Well, accomplished one today. I replaced a car battery by myself! I know, I know, it’s no big deal. But as DH is out of town, it was an opportunity to take it up on myself. My CR-V 5yrs old soon….
The next is to assemble the fat bike that came in mail that is still sitting in my living room…
1 - 1 of 4 Posts