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Hi gang!
I kept meaning to start the thread the past couple of days, but then got distracted and didn't. Whoops!

There have been a couple of Division level discussions about what happened and those of us with 10+ years at the company essentially are taking a 3% pay cut. Our PTO balance is also used for sick time and personal time, not just vacation. There was a CEO call on Tuesday, but they came across as flippant and condescending. I bet there are people who retire early or just plain leave as a result of this. I plan on sending an email to the CEO and other officers, not that it will likely change anything, but I will have said my peace. And we don't really know why they targeted PTO, they are worried about keeping the "fringe" spending in check - no idea what makes up ALL of the fringe spending - no clarity at all.

SB- yikes on the moose!

Yo - I'm going to say it. IF I read correctly, you hadn't been swimming since Dec 20 and then you go and do 2500 yards? uh yeah, no wonder your shoulder is sore. Also check out Netflix for some Nike Workouts...

Geo - has DS spoken to anyone at the company about moving into a more traditional engineering role since he likes what he is doing?

Me - took an extra day off on Monday, but did do a short BW strength workout
Tuesday - Nice run outside
yesterday - day off...took DD to doctor for her ankle, two small tears, one in a tendon and one in a ligament...still attached, so she got a cortisone shot and follow up in 4 weeks. If not improvement in 4 weeks, then we will discuss surgery.
Today - 30 min on the trainer and 10 min Vinyasa yoga courtesy of Netflix...oh and bowling starts up tonight
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