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Geo-I had a sort of similar experience on BKool and then an odd one that I always rode with some folks form Portugal and the app would translate our chats so just before covid they asked if I might want to come ride there in person I had to remind them we had no language in common. Its funny when I lived in SoCal I got on the trainer a lot and here where the weahter is more severe I go out. I guess part of it is in person vs virtual work so I can arrange my schedule to go out in the day time more now.
Zoj-I hope you get some resolution. We started giving workshops on "resiliency" (for the engineering workforce) that have ended up focusing more on "hearing the senior worker" and sharing the burden although we don't' call it that. One thing that helps somewhat (though we resent having to do it) is learning the different communications "types" or styles and trying to use them..doens't help as much as I'd like though.

Anyway Thursday I got up super early and drove SO (through freezing fog and snow of course) to have his stress echo tests. I then picked up some rental skate skis and went to a nearby groomed area. Not the best perhaps for my self-teaching as its a steady uphill but I did manage to go up a mile and back down and then up a 1/2 and down. It was much closer to the hospital than the better suited locations so I figured more time on the snow was better than best conditions. I started uphill but first my hands got sooo cold adjusting the new bindings and hten I felt cold all over so I went back to add some layers which seemed weird for uphill skate skiing. It was hard work and took effort to get the right sort of glid rythm going up (I've been studying drills and instructions) but I had some fun, there was a woman being pulled on her skis by her 2 huskies. There were 2 women who had rented xc skis in front of me at the shop they had rented for 4 days and said no problem they knew how to use them. When i got to the 1/4 mile mark one was on her back moaning and the other 2 had their skis off. I helped the first one up and suggested they drive to those better locations. They said they were "done with this" and off they went. I went back to the store and exchanged my rental credit for new poles (I cna borrow skis but not poles from a ski buddy). THey wondered at how I managed to ski in that shady area in sub zero temps. Oh guess that's why I had to add layers!

SO was told his results will be reviewed next week (when he has an appointment) and that it looked like he was better under stress he asked if that meant exercise was ok and they said they weren't supposed to say anything but if it was their study they would exercise all the time... I hope we get answers next week!
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