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Last night I did another 4 easy run/walk miles in just under 46 min.<br><br>
This morning I did 6.2 miles in an hour, with 48 min at 9:30 pace. First time in quite a while that I was sub 10:00 for an hour and it felt fairly easy in comparison to Tuesday's threshold run, so I think I can bump it up a bit next week. I think I could have run a HM at this pace, as HR was 85% of top throttle. The bad news is that I need to run my next HM at 8:20 in order to break 1:50. I was almost there last year so it's just a matter of a couple of months of hard work I think.<br><br>
My log says I am over 100 miles so far this year!

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Another good day today!<br><br>
20 min on the mill, still walking though<br>
16 min on the bike<br>
10 min on the elliptical.<br><br>
Still no achilles pain. Its all good for now! <img alt="biggrin.gif" src="">
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