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Thursday Dinner

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Turning the corner at work and I'm feeling less crazy and stressed out. It's about darned time. <img alt="banana.gif" src=""><br><br>
Did the bourbon pan sauce on the chicken last night and it was delish. Had to mix up my own cajun seasoning out of the pantry (salt, paprika, pepper, cayenne, garlic & onion powders, some thyme, oregano). I'm brownbagging the leftovers today.<br><br>
Dinner tonight is oven roasted salmon with asparagus and rice. Simple, classic, good.<br><br>
What's for dinner at your house?
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Beth--are you saying I'm not creative??? Is there something WRONG with fixing meatloaf on Wednesday and pizza on Friday? Every week?<br><br>
Chicken tonight. I'll figure out what I'm gonna do with it as it simmers...
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