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Thursday, December 23 - Work it out!

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<p>Today's workout will be flying with an almost 13 month old...a very active 13 month old.  I've been working on my wrestling moves and am prepared (I hope) for 2 hours of fidgeting and flailing...the poor soul that gets stuck next to us on the plane, however will probably not be prepared.</p>
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<p>Happy holidays tri-peeps!</p>
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<p>2900y at masters yesterday morning and 36 min on the trainer in the evening.<br><br>
Still in MA. Tom got word yesterday that he was "expected" to be at work until noon today. Sigh.</p>
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<p>So, I went out for my 7 mi tempo run.</p>
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<p>Shoveled some snow. Decided to move the car to a more sunny part of the driveway...and the car won't start. The Subaru with the roof top cargo box.  The car that we need to drive to MI. Then, Tom called to say he was hoping to be able to leave by 1pm. He's bringing home a battery. Hope it works!<br><br>
IF we hit the road this afternoon, we'll overnight in Niagara on the Canadian side.</p>
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