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A relatively cooler 81F at 7:15pm.<br><br>
9.5 mile total<br>
3.0 warm-up<br>
4.5 at T-pace (3x 10 min cruise intervals; with 2min recoveries)<br>
2.0 cool-down<br><br>
This was the group's scheduled Tuesday workout, which was bagged for the heat. Since this was the first week of T-paced quality workouts, two of the groupies wanted to get their workout in. We headed our measured 1.5 mile road course. Its a loop, with little traffic, and just enough undulation to simulate a road marathon course.<br><br>
My T-pace is about 6:30-6:35 per mile. The first interval I paced the other two runners to their T-pace (7:00 per mile.) Then on the remaining two intervals I ran my own pace.<br><br>
1.5 mile splits: 10:28/9:49/9:52<br><br>
Not bad. Looking to progress the volume towards 40 minutes of T-pace per session.
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