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Thursday, April 27 Workouts

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Yesterday was a rest day (couple of dog walks).

Up this morning for one last Zwift session before vacay (doubt I'll be Zwifting or riding tomorrow). 1 hour group ride; a bit over 24 miles.

Yo - the "robopacer" rides are following an "always on" BOT pacer that (theoretically) rides at a given average effort of x.x watts/kg, so you are riding at consistent effort for the most part. Today's ride was a virtual group ride with all human riders though...

Did end up with almost 500 real/virtual miles for the month, with about an even split between both (around 260 on the road and 237 on Zwift). Hopefully the weather is a bit warmer when I get back - and I can cancel Zwift until the fall ... It has been a cool early spring!

And yes - welcome theTriathlonFun ... we are a shadow of what we used to be (unfortunately) - but friendly :) For a more active forum to get feedback on your questions, you may also want to check out the Slowtwitch triathlon forum (which I'm pretty sure is the grandaddy of all triathlon forums - Slowtwitch Forums: Triathlon Forum ) - but it would be great to have someone else chiming in here from time to time!

Catch you on the flip (hah!) side guys - be back on in a bit.
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Pond jumping Geo? Have fun! Can't wait to hear all about it!

On the trainer today - 30 minutes or so...usual dog walk this am. Bowling "fun" night today. Hubby made meatballs to share.
Woohoo have fun Geo!! And impressive miles!
Zoj - have fun bowling, you feel 100%?

2-miles walk during lunch. Then after work was “beer hike” - a regular group hike that I haven’t been able to join but todays was a special edition for our olds friends (a couple) coming back to Michigan for a short visit. They sold their house and became a full-time van resident visiting family and friends all over the country. It was about 3.5’miles hike in the Mtb singletrack the organizer has built/is a trail coordinator. It was lots of fun to catch up!! .
good evening everyone today like all the others I had a good day surely you will say how? well saying that I did 28 miles by bike and also 5 km of run scrambled to the ground
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