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Thursday, April 20 - workouts!

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Hey gang!
Sorry to have dropped off the face of the earth, but yes, DH did end up sharing the stomach bug with me. Saturday night was NOT pretty, and Sunday and most of Monday was spent on the couch. I haven't done much since my race on Saturday, with the exception of two dog walks (yesterday and today)...I am still not back to eating normally and still get dizzy occasionally. Nothing like dropping 6 pounds in 3 days (not to worry, scale is going back up)

Yo - do you use Burt's bees on your lips be chance? DD told me that they changed their formula and it has been causing allergic reactions in some people...just a thought.

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Sorry to hear you had to go through the stomach bug. It's a very unpleasant thing to deal with! Rest weel and hydrate hydrate!

SB - I hear ya about frequency of those workouts.... if 2/wk is better/easier to commit, than trying to do 3-4/wk and ending up less 2/wk, that's what you should do.

I totally forgot 7:30am meeting this morning... I was working till 10:45pm (of course I rode a bike first, after 5pm) so... I totally didn't want to think about work schedule on the following morning....
2-mile walk. Then After work, 5.5mile run. Headache and rate of labor was really bad :(. "Why" kept on coming up in my head... I kinda accepted the current situation about my running, but after I found out my once-good-Ann Arbor Track club running buddy had a great run at Boston, I couldn't help but thought about all the speed work fun we had together...

Friday can't be here soon enough!!
Nice to see you back, SB! Glad that your dad improved. You can only do as much as you can exercise wise. Get the rest and enjoy the outside!

Sorry about the bug,Zoj. How did the 5K go before the bug got you?

Yo - congrats to DD! Is she moving to DC, or working remotely for some place in DC?

Got outside for a 20+ ride tonight. Felt a bit strange - got some new shoes and tried adjusting the cleats to a more mid-foot position. Think I'll have to ride a few more times to decide whether to stick with it (moved them to help reduce the pressure/hotspot on feet - which I'd done on my old shoes and seemed to help; these shoes allow even a further midfoot position). The muscle position is a bit different...

She has moved to DC at the beginning of April, into a house with two GF's. And working remotely for a non-profit, but sounds like she does go into some in-person actions (beauty of being in DC). I am very excited for her.
yesterday as the first workout a nice jog with a fast pace 3,5km
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