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Hey gang!

Yo - you are ambitious! Though if it were me, I would back off the distance in the pool to a distance where there is no discomfort and go from there. Even though it clears up after, I am not so sure it is a good thing. But again, I am not a doc, just someone who has had shoulder injuries and am speaking from (my) experience...

Geo - I tried zwift and rouvy, and never really could get into it for some reason. I would probably use Zwift more if they had a yearly option. I did like some of the rides when I used it, but never had the problems you are experiencing. Doesn't make me want to try it again lol. Bummer about the dog ramp...

Me - going skiing this weekend, we'll see how that goes. Today out on the roads for almost 3 mile run. Felt tough today.
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