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I think part of it is simply placement (in the basement where wi-fi connection is a little spottier); I also got that AppleTV unit which is more stable (doesn't seem to boot me out of a ride as much) - but also seems a bit more temperamental about the bluetooth (doesn't recognize the trainer and HRM as well as the laptop did). Yesterday's bug was some weird one about having to accept updated Apple license agreements - but wouldn't let you do it. Eventually uninstalled/re-installed the Zwift app and it seemed to work again. Today's irritant was back to the bluetooth ....

Anywhoo - when it works, I find Zwift keeps me interested enough through the winter, and definitely takes effort on the harder group rides ... I find myself just noodling around on a virtual ride a lot less ... today's ride - for instance - was a 40-odd person ride, from 2-3.0 w/kg, with a short sprint every other lap, so moderate intensity to begin with and the high-intensity sprints for fun. Ended up being about 21 miles in 50 mins... Basically I just crank the tunes, read the message banter, and the time goes by pretty quickly! It would be better if set-up wasn't a 10-15 minute exercise in frustration every time though :)

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