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Still havne't written it and wasn't going to until someone suggested that I should write because it is a good story.<br><br>
I know the race was over a week ago, but I'll see if I can get to it tonight or tomorrow night.<br><br>
I know you are all dying to read it. <img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="Very Happy">

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Um, I've been <i>waiting</i> to hear your report, mister... <img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="Cool"><br><br><img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="Very Happy">

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Ummm arghhhh, ummm, tap, tap, tap, tap............................................... ....

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this is the second time i check to see what the hell is taking you so long!<br><br>
If I don't see results in the next week or so I may just have to check some more....and they call me a badass...i'm just a those pretzels in they were good....

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This is the first of three installments. It's long and I don't have time to write the whole thing now...<br><br>
The Philly Marathon started for me back in September. I had just ventured into one of the PRT Friday night chats for the first time and there were a bunch of people talking about a big get together down in Philly for the marathon and half marathon. All summer long I had been putting in a decent amount of miles, surely enough for a marathon that was still two months away, so I figured why not. I had a voucher for a flight and needed something to jumpstart my running which had been suffering for the past couple of weeks at that point.<br><br>
Unfortunately, it didn’t jumpstart my running. In mid October, despite my decrease in training, I still managed a PR half marathon which had me thinking of a sub 3. I just needed another 2-3 week for solid training I felt. Again, it didn’t get me jumpstarted. Instead I got sick, blew off my final long run, got ridiculously busy at work, couldn’t find time to run when I wasn’t sick or working and got sick again with less than a week to go. Bottom line, I barely ran from the time I signed up in September to the day of the marathon. I decided to just go down and have some fun.<br><br>
Two or three days before the marathon, a project got thrust upon us. It had to be completed by Monday. Everyone should plan on working all weekend. Uh oh. I delegated some of the work to others and I worked as late and early as I could and worked my butt off right up until the time I had to leave for my flight on Friday afternoon. I took the remaining work with me to finish up on Saturday.<br><br>
I arrived a few minutes late and was greeted by the beautiful smiling <b>Nettie</b> at baggage check. We then got into a taxi and went back to my hotel….so I could check in. I quickly checked in and left my stuff in my room while <b>Nettie</b> waited in the lobby. Then it was time for the fun to start. We walked down to the bar and somehow were one of the first ones to arrive. It wasn’t long before pretty much everyone arrived. I proceeded to drink like a fish, grope my long lost twin, <b>Theia</b> and meet lots of new people. It was surreal. I’ve always been involved in a lot of CH and PRT gatherings where I knew everyone. I barely knew anyone. It was weird seeing that there are other groups and loops, so to speak, of other people within our own forum. The night wasn’t complete until <b>Solitude</b> showed up from her late flight. I’m not sure what time I got back to my room, but I’m thinking it was around 2 am. For those who have run marathons, I’m sure you’ve heard that the most important night of sleep is two nights before a marathon. Well, that didn’t happen.<br><br>
The next morning I awoke somewhere around 7 or 8 am and got right to work. After a quick breakfast break I finished up around noon, which was the time everyone was supposed to meet at the expo. I ended up going solo and ran into <b>Chasing Amy</b> from the CH. She actually came up to me and introduced herself. She ran the half and I was hoping that she would join us at our post race gathering, but she had other commitments.<br><br>
Unfortunatley I got back from the expo too late for the Schwetty Ball run with all the Kicksters.<br><br>
That night we met up at an Italian restaurant for a little bit of carbo loading. I had a good time meeting up with <b>Scratch</b>, my fellow diabetic, and sitting with <b>HH</b>, <b>Auntie Moe</b> and <b>Winter</b>. One last shout out to <b>Theia</b> for organizing a great night!<br><br>
Afterwards I headed back to my hotel room. For some reason, I didn’t go right to bed. I decided staying up until 11 or 11:30 would be good. <img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="Rolling Eyes"> Fortunately, I fell right asleep. Unfortunately, I didn’t wake right up. I slept through my alarms and was woken up by a slamming door and 6:15 am. Fortunately, I had laid out my clothes, attached my chip to shoe and pinned my number to my shirt the night before. I checked my blood sugar and it was fine. I then slugged back a 20 oz bottle of water and was out of there like a flash. I proceeded to run to the start in order to check my bag. I’m pretty sure I was running at about a 7 min pace with my bag until I caught up with the masses heading to the race.<br><br>
After checking my bag I was able to get pretty close to the start and waited for the start. My plan was to run at about a 3:20 and see what I had left at the end.<br><br>
Next up…The Race

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Somewhere along the line my race strategy changed. I somehow thought I could run a 3:15. So, as the gun went off I was about to settle into my race pace when I looked down and saw my shoelace untied. I quickly stopped, tied it and continued on. Shortly after I overheard one runner say to his running partner something like I think this is our goal pace. Without even looking, I asked, “And what pace would that be?” because I wasn’t really sure what pace I was running. We then all looked at each other and did a double take. It was <b>phillytom</b> who was pacing <b>keriksen</b> for this half marathon! I stayed with them for a bit before feeling like I could go a bit faster. A pee break allowed them to catch me. We then ran again for a bit. phillytom pointed out the zoo, so I said to him it that it was too bad he wasn’t running the full so he could continue being my tour guide. He mentioned that he might run a bit of the second half with me. I think I pulled away from them after that but they soon passed me due to a second pee break. Drinking that 20 oz. water right before leaving the hotel wasn’t such a great idea. I needed to drink water before leaving but I never had any time to process it until after the race started. As I continued on I saw them up ahead but couldn’t catch them before the end of the half. My splits for the first half were as follows:<br><br>
Mile Split<br>
8&9 15:13 (first pee break – I missed the 8 mile mark split)<br>
127:40 (second pee break)<br>
I hit the half in exactly 1:38, but I kind of knew that any chance of a 3:15 or 3:16 was out the window, so I decided to just settle in and run at a comfortable pace. It wasn’t long before I had to pee again. I stopped and peed yet again around 14 or 15. Unbeknownst to me, I had an audience which included <b>phillytom</b>! After finishing with <b>keriksen</b> he turned around and got back on the course. I’m not sure how he saw me, but thankfully he did. After a mile or so, I asked him when he was planning on turning around and he answered casually that he was just going to do the whole thing! Now, those of you who know Tom, know that he even though he is a very fast runner capable of a lot miles, he had never run a marathon. I was sure glad to have the company. My pace had slowed by the time he had caught up me with and was beginning to slow even more due to some stomach issues. Now that I think about it, it began prior to the halfway point because I was scanning porta potties as I cruised past the halfway point near the start/finish area. I finally hit and while I was taking care of business, <b>phillytom</b> waited patiently and informed that <b>pacerchris</b> and his 3:20 pace group had just passed. So, 3:20 was now out the window, it would be highly doubtful I had enough in me to catch up. My splits up to the point were as follows:<br><br>
158:17 (third pee break)<br>
1710:46 (porta potty break)<br><br>
My new goal was to just finish without slowing too much and hopefully not have to stop and walk. My pace continued to slow, but we kept on moving. Before the turnaround we passed the Hashers handing out beer. Tom grabbed one and I declined. However, after the turn around I decided there was no time like the present to have my first marathon beer. Just the night before I had been talking to <b>Beaker</b>’s husband, <b>Mark</b>, that I could never have a beer while running a marathon. I was quickly proven wrong. Holy crap, it tasted incredible! After hitting the halfway mark we passed <b>CoachT</b> and <b>solarpowered</b> who looked very strong. A short time later we saw <b>nettie</b> cruise by. A lot of people don't like out and backs, but when you know people in the race it's a lot of fun seeing them and being able to urge them on. Around mile 23, I remarked to Tom that I was fine and not having any blood sugar issues. I was happy about this because this was my first marathon after being diagnosed with Type I Diabetes back on December 1st last year. How quickly that changed. As I was coming up on a water stop, I suddenly started to feel light headed. It was apparent my blood sugar was dropping. Instead of water, I grabbed a nice big cup of Gatorade and downed it. Minutes later I was fine. My pace continued to slow, but I never had to stop except for when I stopped to down the Gatorade.<br><br>
198:16 (my first 8+ split not caused by a break)<br>
249:08 (probably around when my blood sugar dropped)<br><br>
I was happy with the way I finished. My blood sugar started to drop again near the finish, but I was close enough to finish somewhat strongly. Tom got me going a little bit faster right at the finish when he suggested that we wouldn’t break 3:30 unless we picked it up a bit. As we turned for the final stretch we saw all the Kicksters in the stands cheering wildly. We waved to them as we ran by. I have to admit finishing in front of all the cheering Kicksters was a big rush. <img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="banana"><br><br>
Final chip time 3:29:13<br><br>
I wasn’t overly joyous with my time, but I had a great time running. I can’t thank Tom enough for sticking with me and keeping me going in those latter miles. My only complaint is that his one joke was terrible and he couldn’t think of any more. <img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="tongue3"><br><br>
After the race, I grabbed some food and downed it quickly trying to figure out how many carbs I was eating so that I could take the right amount of insulin after getting my bag from baggage check. The time from the finish to the time I got to the stands is a blur. I know Tom and posed in front of the flag. I remember seeing <b>Auntie Moe</b> in the food tent and I remember freezing my butt off waiting for my bag. That’s about it.<br><br>
Stay tuned for the post race report beginning in the stands…

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I got drunk.<br><br>
The end. <img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="Very Happy"><br><br>
Just kidding folks. Well, I did get kind of drunk, but there's still more to come and some pretty shocking revelations will be revealed. So, stay tuned. I'll finish it tonight after I get the kids to sleep.
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