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this is a new one

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Last night we got home around 2 am and as I was changing into my PJ's, the back of my right foot started to hurt. Big time. Basically on the inside back of the foot, somewhere behind the ankle bone, I think there's a tendon that is tight or injured. (I don't think it's bursitis.) So every time I step forward and pick my heel up, it hurts. Last night I could hardly walk on it. This morning it's a little better. But what the hell?!?<br><br>
I'm going to do some internet research now...
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Yo, it's always something, isn't it?<br><br>
I have no ideas. Did your research yield any clues?
it's from wearing red devil stripper heels
<img alt="razz.gif" src=""> y'all know I don't dress like that IRL, right?<br><br>
I *think* it was the posterior tibial tendon, mildly inflamed. It was a bit better on Sunday and almost fine on Monday. Fine now.<br><br>
I actually did wear these really cute silver strappy sandals on Saturday night, and I think b/w those and the mild PF I've had on that foot, it did me in. Today is my third rest day and I'm feeling good, thank goodness.
I was going to say posterior tib tendon. If it's hard to go up on your toes, that's one indicator.<br><br>
Glad it's feeling better!
thanks SGH. nice to see you here!
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