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Things that make you go hmm...

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<p>The "water saving" toilet that flushes four times before you leave the stall and flushes a fifth time as you exit....hmmm</p>
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<p>Every light in the office burning at 6:00 AM but the bathroom light timer that goes out after 1 minute...hmmm</p>
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<p>a family of 5 going to an all you can eat buffet and filling plate after plate with food, eating maybe one bite off each plate then putting it to the side and going and getting another plate ... doing this probably 5 plates each and then leaving  ... I don't think they ate a plate each but wasted enough food for 3x as many people ...</p>
<p>People with overflowing garbage cans, week in and week out.  Yet their recycling can is hardly ever 1/2 full.</p>
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<p>Save the Planet, people!</p>
<p>People who have the newspaper delivered everyday.....yet don't pick it up and then it rains and they run over a thousand times until it looks like vomit at the end of their driveway.</p>
<p>People who tear down beautiful old houses to build a new one only to fill it up with antiques.</p>
<p>Douche-Canoes in general.</p>
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