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Things I know I don't know or don't get...

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<ul><li>While I agree with the sentiments of the occupy people... what's the point of the tents?  How long you planning on staying?  What's that going to accomplish and how's it working for you in the cold?</li>
<li>Why are so many people so upset about polite people in tents anyway?  What about rude people at tea parties that can't spell?</li>
<li>What the heck is up with Christmas music before Hallowe'en anyway?  And trees up already.  This ain't the States...  no wonder people chuck them the day after Christmas.  That always bothered me.  Christmas STARTS on Christmas... 12 days, remember?</li>
<li>So when are Goldman and Sachs executives going to be charged with... anything?  Advise Ireland, Portugal, Greece and others to lie when reporting their financial status, lead the US down the road to perdition and then walk away with bonuses?  Where's my tent...?</li>
<li>Why can't I be sad playing banjo?</li>
<li>Who are the Kardasians and why does anyone care?  No, really, what are they famous for?</li>
<li>Why do I bother turning compost when it is -30?</li>
<li>It's okay lady, ignore my warnings about the coyotes.  You didn't need that dog anyway.  I sure as heck can do without its incessant yapping.  What's that?  You don't think that those "puppies" are coyotes?  I see.  What about that yipping don't you understand?</li>
<li>Four downs and a smaller field.  Okay.... </li>
<li>Why the heck Phoenix has a hockey team.  Sorry, Glendale.  And why the NHL is so desperate to leave it there when places like Portland, Seattle, Salt Lake, Hamilton, Quebec, Milwaukee, and especially Toronto would support an NHL franchise.</li>
<li>Twilight.  Any of it.  Pre-pubescent erotica with an apology for spousal violence. </li>
<li>Why I'm sitting here when I could be shovelling snow.  No, that one I do get...</li>
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