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This is my first post, I think ever! I've been a lurker for a bit and decided to post this evening after one of my coolest runs ever. I have been dying to share it with someone, anyone!! I've been a bit lacking in motivation lately, thinking of signing up for the Pig 1/2 and the Air Force whole, but I haven't made it through a January in 3 years now without getting injured. From broken foot to stress fracture to just being out of shape from baby number 3. So, I've been scared to commit to anything until January was over.<br><br>
Yesterday I was scheduled for a 10/11 miler but my husband had to work and daughter and I had tickets to Miley 3D, how could we miss? I was big time depressed about missing the run and not seeing how to cram it in which is always a bad run for me, running in a time crunch = me stressed out.<br><br>
This morning, dear sweet husband woke me up, we talked over coffee and then we all five ditched church and headed out to a state park we hadn't been to in forever. He and the kids all hiked around a dam/gorge and I ran a 5 mile out and back (did I say that right? 10 miles total) and it was the most incredible, beautiful, enjoyable, muddy, wet, icy, stress free run I've had ever.<br><br>
We have plans to start getting back out like that, now that our youngest is pushing 3. I am finally seeing a new freedom in my training that will at least get me through the next week. <img alt="smile.gif" src="">
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