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The source of glide in swimming

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Ok, those that know me know I struggle in the water, those that don't know me - I struggle in the water. If you go to my Active site you can see some above water videos from last week. One comment (given several times) was 'You need to slow the arms down and increase your glide'.<br><br>
So the question I have is where does the glide come from? Are rather, which part of the stroke needs to be longer? Does an increase of stroke length come from slower recovery? Or from an actual pause somewhere? I am thinking that the pull needs to be virtually the same. Is that right?<br><br>
My 25 meter stroke count is 25. One meter per stroke? Not so good. Obviously this means my pull is also not perfect. I do catch-up drills in an effort to help this, and am trying to figure out the tickle and maybe some sculling. As soon as I get all the water out of my sinuses from last night's attempt, I will try again!<br><br>
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I have read some TI, but no videos. One issue I am having, now that I am focusing more and more on drills, is proper execution of the drills. I struggle to even do some of them.<br><br>
I will be having a couple week break coming up due to vacation, and I will do some more pure drill work focused workouts when I get back in the water for a couple weeks following. Will see how that goes.<br><br>
Victor, yeah I probably phrased it badly. I am really simply talking about length per stroke.<br><br>
But while I am extending my right hand out in front, that left it still cranking through the cycle. This must be where front quadrant swimming comes in?
Yeah I tried that tarzan drill today. Youch, that one will take some work.<br><br>
OK, I will digest some of these tips and try some things.<br><br>
Thanks all, I'll get back to you.....<br><br>
Point taken. I am trying to set something up to get some coaching. That is really my fear, that I am just way way off on some technique thing that just can't be captured in video properly, but a coach would see in real time.
1 - 6 of 42 Posts
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