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The movie....

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....O' Brother Where Art Thou...introduced us to the old timey hick classic..."I Am A Man Of Constant Sorrow"....which was a pretty catchy tune in that version. I mentioned old timey classic, who knew that? I didn't. I'd never heard the song before and knew zero about it. Then one day I'm in Borders when I come across a CD of old time white man's blues. Right on the front..."includes the original I Am A Man...  Wow cool. Well here it is the 1927 original just as old timer Emry Arthur recorded it. Arthur not being much in early roots music other than...</p>
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<p>Now if you were going to mix that old hillbillie/Appalachian blues ....</p>
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<p>The Carter Family</p>
<p>Jimmie Rodgers</p>
<p>Dock Boggs</p>
<p>Kelly Harrell</p>
<p>Charlie Poole</p>
<p>Clarence Ashley</p>
<p>Sam McGee</p>
<p>Jimmie Davis</p>
<p>Dick Justice</p>
<p>Frank Hutchison</p>
<p>Emmett Miller</p>
<p>Bayless Rose</p>
<p>Allen Brothers</p>
<p>Homer Callahan</p>
<p>Bill Cox</p>
<p>Prince Albert Hunt</p>
<p>The Skillet Lickers</p>
<p>Blind Alfred Reed</p>
<p>Darby & Tarlton.....they were amazing!</p>
<p>Earl Johnson</p>
<p>Fiddlin' Doc Roberts</p>
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<p>Never heard Appalachian music included in the blues genre. Tell me more.</p>
<p>Google turned this up: <a href="" target="_blank"></a></p>
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<p>There's a free download there. Pretty good.</p>
<p>I'll have to start a new Pandora channel. Thanks, B.</p>
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