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The kids at the pool

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They're so cute, and fun to watch, with all their splashing around, and jumping and diveing and playing. I really enjoy the 8 to 10 year olds. They're just old enough to be left alone at the pool while the parents go off to other parts of the rec center.<br><br>
I mean, does a parent really need to stay and watch them? The life guard is there, and there's only 1 guy swimming in the entire olympic sized pool. So what harm can they do right? I mean, there's no possible way that with a pool that big and only 1 guy doing some swim workouts that they could possibly get in his way could they? I mean, he's over there all by himself, there's no way that they could go get in the exact same lane and corner of the pool and get in his way, right?<br><br>
Sometimes you just gotta laugh at things. Like when they throw their little glow sticks to the bottom of the deep end and dive to get them, and almost headbutt you on their way back up. And the way they walk down to the middle section of the pool and jump in 5 feet in front of you. And how all 4 of them hang onto the pool side right where your water bottle is at when you finish an interval set and you need to get a quick drink.<br><br>
I mean, there's just no possible way that with an olympic sized pool and only 1 guy swimming in it that they could ever disturb him in anyway, right.<br><br>
Like I said, sometimes you just gotta laugh at things and just keep on going.<br><br><img alt="smile.gif" src="">
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Newburyport fields two teams that my kids swim against. There has to be an accessible pool there somewhere! I'm assuming they have a Y or community pool, because I doubt very much its a school pool.<br><br>
Edit to add this list:<br><br><a href="" target="_blank"></a>
Hey DF,<br><br>
There is a pool at the Y in the Mouth - yes; also, you can get membership to the Portsmouth public pool (right next to the HS). I'm assuming you probably jump off at 101 though, so Newburyport or something else Mass bound might be a better bet.<br><br>
I just got a rec pass at UNH (free through DWs health plan) - so swim at the UNH pool in the early AM or the occasional evening (too crowded). They do swim Masters there though, if you're interested in joining a Masters program.<br><br>
Not sure what the deal is with Phillips Exeter and the public, either. I know lots of HS and local swim teams train there. Nice pool (almost as nice as UNH, if not nicer for the actual pool itself).<br><br>
1 - 2 of 18 Posts
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