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Teams are very tightly grouped as we head into the final week. Will the leaders reach New York? Or will we have to move the finish line up the Hudson a little ways? We'll know soon enough.<br><br>
As in Round 6, if teams manage to "break the tape" at the same time in New York, a day at random will be picked. Whichever team was was ahead on that day will be proclaimed the winner.<br><br>
If nobody makes it to New York, the team with the most points win.<br><br>
Both of the above points apply to 2nd and 3rd place finishers, too.<br><br>
A final day for submitting scores will be announced.<br><br>
On a more personal note, I must apologize. I had planned to do more in the way of travelogues because for me that really makes the game more interesting. I'm sorry that I did not follow through on that. It makes for a definite point of improvement for next round.

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Billy - Don't worry about it. You have done an excellent job for your first VRAA as commissioner! I am excited about the finish. It has been a close race throughout the entire event thus far. I do think we will have several teams reach the finish. I can forsee Team rUnbeatable, A-Team, catch us if you can, juggernauts and Intimidator all making the finish.<br><br>
But I really think most of the teams may make it. There is not a big spread between the top six teams right now. It is anyone's game.
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