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<p>So in order to fight the sleeplessness I succombed to a desire for mind-candy fiction and bought the first in a trilogy.  The Hickory Staff is "portal" fantasy, you know the kind, everything from Narnia through to the Fionavar Tapestry series by Guy Kay and all sorts of odds and sods in between.</p>
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<p>It is a fairly decent book, and I have gone out and bought the rest of the series.  A few minor quibbles - it jumps around between settings and characters without warning or a break in the chapter.  And while there is little suspension of disbelief needed, the whole portal thing is a bit clumsy particularly where it comes to the villain and how he travels through,</p>
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<p>Characters are mostly well drawn out, dialogue is flowing.  On the whole a good mid-winter's read.</p>
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