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The Great Stew Chase 15K, 2/3/08

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I've never run this before, and only this week realized that it was today. I was scheduled for 9-10 anyway, as I'm building towards the New Bedford Half in mid-March, it was local; really, no reason why I shouldn't run this race. It’s a mildly undulating out-and-back course with a “memorable hill” in the middle, just before the turnaround.<br><br>
Tough beginning for me, as both kids were sick last night - one throwing up in the middle of the night and the other alternating nursing non-stop with arching her back in canine-teething pain.<br><br>
I was unsure of how to pace myself. I ran an 8 miler in the snow last week, with 25 mph winds, and averaged 9:15. A friend thought I should shoot for 8:30s, and I thought I'd probably be around 8:45-9:00. But I really wasn't sure. I hoped for anything under 9.<br><br>
I turned off the GPS feature of the garmin and just used the lap feature, so I didn't have to worry about matching up to the mile markers. Just before the race started I rummaged through the car, looking for mittens. Finding none, I did uncover a pair of babygap yellow socks, size 12-24 months. Sarah's socks, like ZuZu's petals. I smiled and locked up.<br><br>
Mile 1: 8:39<br><br>
Mile 2: 8:34<br><br>
The chill is off and I take off Sarah’s Socks. I stuff them in my sleeves but even this minor bulk bothers me, so I carry them. I can’t toss them. They’re Sarah’s Socks. How could I?<br><br>
Mile 3: 8:35<br><br>
The hills started here<br><br>
Mile 4: 9:07<br><br>
The "memorable" hill is mile 4.5-5.5<br><br>
Mile 5: 9:18<br><br>
I saw that mile 5 was 9:18 and thought that wasn't too bad since that was the worst hill. However, I didn't quite recover to my early pace:<br><br>
Mile 6: 9:06<br><br>
Mile 7: 8:54. I thought of Tonya. I thought of her first marathon report, where she wrote how she checked how she was feeling. "Nope. I felt like a million bucks," she wrote. I try to will myself to feel like a million bucks. I think about the report I might write.<br><br>
Mile 8: 9:01 ok, ok. So I'm not Tonya. I put Sarah’s socks back on.<br><br>
Mile 9: 9:11 I'm doing quick calcs in my head and realizing I'm going to come in under 9 average anyway. I'm happy!<br><br>
Mile 9.3: 2:30 – About 100 yards from the finish line my shoe comes untied. “No effing way,” I think to myself. There is no way I am stopping to tie this thing this close to the end. NOW I channel Tonya and book it, hard, to the finish.<br><br>
Total: 1:23:01 (my watch), 1:23:03 (their clock)<br>
Average: 8:56<br><br>
No complaints here. I was right-on in what I thought my pace would be. I don’t regret going out a little faster but wish I could have kept it up a bit more. I don’t think it’s that I can’t hold the pace itself – treadmill runs show me that I can keep pace. I think it’s a matter of forcing myself to do so – a concentrating error? I will try to work on that.<br><br>
With six weeks to go to the half, I think I’ll shoot for anything sub 9 average as well. McMillan’s calculator puts me at 9:07, but I think I can work with this.<br><br>
esg 2/3/08
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Thanks, people. I'm still pretty pleased. Liz, you may be right about being able to hold the pace on a flatter course. Of course, the NBH is not flat, so...I've got some work to do over the next six weeks.
Thanks Alex, Tonya. I'm looking forward to the rest of this training schedule, now that I know where I am today.<br><br>
And it was fun to be Tonya, even if it was only for about 30 seconds with an untied shoe.
Thanks, Baba. I hope you're right about all of it (especially since I haven't had any good sleep in a good long while).
Thanks RunA, Hawk, Apple and Jim!<br><br>
They've put photos up. Here I am, #373. You can see I am carrying Sarah's Socks.<br><br><a href="" target="_blank"></a>
Oh right! The stew! They had stew after the race. Even vegetarian stew, for hippies like me.<br><br>
Thanks, hup. What, doesn't everybody think about their race report?
1 - 6 of 17 Posts
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