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The cat and dog are really beginning to love Wed nights

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<p>I'm taking a German course in Midtown Atlanta and one of the benefits is they have film night on Wednesday nights in addition to our regular class.  Sometimes the films are in German, sometimes French (the Alliance francaise shares the same floor as them).  I have nothing better to do so I go down there and then stop at Arby's on the way back home for 3 roast beef sandwiches and some curly fries - all $1.00 each.  I share the curly fries with the dog and I cut up a little bit of the roast beef for the cat.  They're  both in hog heaven while we are all enjoying supper.</p>
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<p>we used to watch movies in German when I was a kid.  I was 18 when I saw Top Gun in English and I've never seen The Princess Bride,  The Neverending Story, Gullivar's Travels or Around the World in 180 days in English.  The Never Ending Story is the one I remember the most of though</p>
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