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Ran this event with my brothers. It was the first time for the middle brother, and the youngest, he ran it with me last year.<br><br>
My goal was to finish somewhere around last years time. I had no expectations of beating last years time, and would have been alright with any pace somewhere in the 8 min area.<br><br>
Last year, when I ran with Rich, my goal was just to stick with him, and I did and we ended up running 8:12's. I was shocked.<br><br>
I knew brother #2(Chuck) wouldn't be able to keep up with #3, but I thought maybe I would have a my thought was I would try to run with him and see where it went.<br><br>
We started off, and first off all the weather was very good, cool, but not nearly as cool as last year. There was no rain, but it was overcast. There was a little wind out of the East.<br><br>
We started at the back of the field.<br><br>
I started breathing heavy, before we hit the first mile marker, and I know it's too fast...I hit my <span style="color:#006600;">watch</span> and it's 7:44. (I yelled out to my brother, we need to take it back a notch) I'm running about 10 meters behind him.<br><br>
Second mile, we run together, and I know we're going too fast. Sure as heck, 7:30. I tell him, That's too fast, and he says, I know but it feels good.<br><br>
Third mile...I started slowing down on purpose, trying to pull him back with me....hit the marker at 8 minutes on the nose, and that point I decide to let him go...I'm going to die if I keep it up.<br><br>
So, at this point people start passing me. I'm actually starting to get depressed because I feel like I'm going so slow...but I hit my watch at mile four and it's: 8:07. That's not bad.<br><br>
So, I try to hold that pace...also at this point my right groin area gets tight. Not painful, but I haven't had any problems there, so I'm wondering where that came from. People keep passing me, and I think I'm dying....I hit the watch at mile five and it's: 8:14.<br><br>
At this point, I'm kind of amazed. I feel I'm really slowing down...and I am, a little, but not near as much as it feels like...people are literally flying by me, my groin area is tight and sore and I can't even see my brother anymore...he is long gone.<br><br>
As I approach mile 6, I feel like I might be close to 9 minutes a mile. That is exactly how I feel...slow, tired, sore, and in trouble...really kicking myself for starting too fast... Hit the watch at the marker, and its: 8:11 ? What the hell? I am literally baffled by this.<br><br>
I continue running, thinking well, if I can just keep this pace, I'll be alright. I hit mile 7 and it's 8:14. At this point, I know if I can just hang at this pace for another mile or two...I'll be ok, and the adrenaline will bring me home.<br><br>
Mile 8 : 8:30. This was the hardest mile of the race. It was into the wind, and I kept losing focus. Plus, people are still passing me...I swear from mile 4 to mile 9 I got passed by about 40 runners, and have passed none.<br>
So, I put my nose to the grind, and see what I can do.<br><br>
Mile 9: 8:14 Good mile. I am pleased with this. I also know I just have the one hard hill, and then I'll be heading back towards the start line. (it's all mental, but it makes a difference) See Mom and Dad and sister in the park, and feel pretty good.<br><br>
Somehow I miss the marker at mile 10, but I feel good. I'm not kidding. I'm kind of tingling...I know the end is near, and I know I'm not slowing down much at all. I just keep trying to go as fast as I can. I am actually passing some people back, now. No one is passing me anymore.<br><br>
I hit the marker at mile 11, with a 8:08 average. Nice. Feel good. I'm playing the "training montage" music from Rocky IV in my head...trying to stay motivated.<br><br>
Mile 12: 8:16...a little slower, but I'm ok. Just 1.1 to go...just 1.1 to go...just 1.1 to go...(Passed a few people too)<br><br>
Mile 13.1 8:38....I literally was striding out about the last half mile...passed about 4 people in that stretch.<br><br>
Finish time: 1:45:57 place: 60th out of 203.<br><br>
Pace: 8:04<br><br>
My brothers ran really well, Rich ran 1:43 something...(Dad said at mile 9 he was WAY ahead of me, but at the finish I closed the gap alot, Rich said he was dead the last four miles) Chuck finished his first in 1:53.<br><br>
It was great fun, and discussions were had about possibly running a full marathon this fall. I really hope to get back to doing that distance again, it's been five years since I have done one.

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Good job, coachie!<br><br>
How's that groin doing? Be careful with that. Speaking from experience, it takes anywhere fron 2 to 3 years for a groin injury to heal.

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That always amazes me as well when I feel like complete trash yet actually run a decent time. Glad that it came together for ya at the end...great job!<br><br>
Hope that groin doesn't flare up anymore...<br><br>
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