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Remember that Volkswagan Super Bowl commercial last year? Well, here's this year's version.<br><br>
I love the AtAt that comes in at the end...<br><br>
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I'm not sure, but the pug on the left, I think, never barks.
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<div class="quote-block">Originally Posted by <strong>willrun4chocolate</strong> <a href="/t/76178/the-bark-side#post_2026261"><img alt="View Post" class="inlineimg" src="/img/forum/go_quote.gif"></a><br><br>
What is around the neck of the black dog on the right?</div>
He's Darth Vader! That's the keypad/light thing that Vader has on his chest.
All this Star Wars stuff...I gotta repost this. The best Triumph the Insult Comic Dog skit ever. I LOVE how the guy is laughing half the time he's doing his schtick. 10 minutes of pure comic genius.<br><br>
<a href="" target="_blank"></a><br><br>
Best parts...about 3:30-4:00 and especially 6:20 (running joke) through 7:10...I love the chest box thing.<br><br>
I have the Triumph DVD. My stomach hurt the next day from laughing so much.<br><br>
I can understand, though, how some people don't like it.
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<div class="quote-block">Originally Posted by <strong>RandMart</strong> <a href="/t/76178/the-bark-side#post_2026334"><img alt="View Post" class="inlineimg" src="/img/forum/go_quote.gif"></a><br><br><a class="bbcode_url" href="" target="_blank">Han barked first</a></div>
Only true Star Wars fans will get that.<br><br>
Damn George Lucas for changing that.<br><br>
Amazing though. When I originally posted this YESTERDAY, it had 200,000 hits. Now it's over 3 Million.<br><br>
Advertising is alive and well.
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