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Remember that Volkswagan Super Bowl commercial last year? Well, here's this year's version.<br><br>
I love the AtAt that comes in at the end...<br><br>
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<p>Love it.</p>
<p>Oh, I love the Ewok!  I keep coming back to watch. </p>
<p>Oh and the little Chewy cry, so so cute!  Poor VW must be ticked that this is out before the Superbowl.</p>
<p>What is around the neck of the black dog on the right?</p>
<p>Ok, forget that, I just saw that it was put on by VW, so I feel free to share it on Facebook now.</p>
<p>oh yeah, I knew he was Darth Vader, but I couldn't figure out the neck thing, but NOW that you say light, how silly of me, I just should have googled a Darth Vadar image and it would have made sense.  Thanks. </p>
<p>So who is the pug and the dog to the left of the ewok?</p>
<p> </p>
<p> </p>
<p>ok, left of the ewok is Yoda, so I'm guessing the pug is R2D2.</p>
<p> </p>
<p>Seriously, I am going to get reported by my neighbours for having more than one dog in my apartment.</p>
<p>I can't figure out why it shows up on my FB wall, but not my news feed.  I hope my friends saw it.  Oh well, I still get a kick out of the Chewy howl.</p>
1 - 9 of 18 Posts
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