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The Asthma Thread

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Are you serious?<br>
Um, but, no. I would not trade sleep for weight loss. Nope, I get so few good nights as it is.<br><br>
But, I do need help with medication. Rinda has been a wealth of knowledge and she's been spot on every time...<br>
foradil... I thought helped but it didn't... I think I had one placebo-effect run...<br>
asthmanex.... same as foradil. I am on my second month with little improvement.<br><br>
I go back to the doctor in a few weeks.
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I have asthma and suspect that I've had it since I was little. It's exacerbated by a deviated septum and I get frequent sinus infections if I'm not careful. I use a saline nasal spray frequently to try and keep the sinuses clear.<br><br>
I use an albuterol inhaler about 30 minutes before I run (only). I don't need to use it when I do other stuff like elliptical or yoga or spinning. I don't know why there's a difference, but there clearly is. I had the little shot tests for allergies twice over a period of about 10 years and both times it only showed a tiny allergy to dust and molds. I do take singulair and that seems to help but not completely eliminate the problem.<br><br>
Running up a hill is a killer for me. Not my legs at all, just in my breathing. My pulmonologist thinks that the fact I grew up with a smoker (my dad, RIP) probably mildly damaged my lungs. He was a 3-pack a day guy and he died a miserable death with actual holes in his lungs. He was on a ventilator for 8 months and only weighed 89 lbs when he finally died. And people wonder why I'm so "anti-smoking"......<br><br>
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My asthma is bad lately but I think that's due to all the allergens in the air right now. I've had to use my inhaler before almost every run. I also feel like I'm falling apart! Just when one thing starts feeling better, another problem crops up. I recently had shoulder/neck/arm pain and went through 3+ weeks of chiropractic and it's finally starting to feel a lot better; then yesterday the eye dr told me that my low-level glaucoma has gotten much worse so now I'll be on eyedrops for the rest of my life. They make the whites of my eyes vampire-red and really irritate them, so I look pretty sleep-deprived and/or like a pot head. The good thing about it is that one of the side effects is that it makes your eyelashes get darker, thicker and longer. So in time I'll look like a very feminine vampire, I guess.<br><br>
Today I tried something a little different. I walked for 5 minutes and then ran at quite a bit faster pace than normal for 10 minutes, then walked again for 5 minutes. Then I took a yoga class. Usually I take a slow & steady pace for a longer distance.<br><br>
Happy trails, everyone.<br><br>
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I take singulair and it seems to help but not completely eliminate the allergic symptoms.<br><br>
I did a 5K on Saturday and my breathing was excellent, but I must say the weather was excellent as well. It was about 55 degrees and slightly cloudy. Allergens were high but I felt OK. I used the albuterol beforehand and really felt good, and finished in 3 minutes faster than the last race I did in the fall.<br><br><br>
Of course today my breathing is terrible. Who knows why? Same type of weather.<br>
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