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The Asthma Thread

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Are you serious?<br>
Um, but, no. I would not trade sleep for weight loss. Nope, I get so few good nights as it is.<br><br>
But, I do need help with medication. Rinda has been a wealth of knowledge and she's been spot on every time...<br>
foradil... I thought helped but it didn't... I think I had one placebo-effect run...<br>
asthmanex.... same as foradil. I am on my second month with little improvement.<br><br>
I go back to the doctor in a few weeks.
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Hey <b>Rose</b> - guess what? they diagnosed me as exercise induced asthma without allergies. I have NEVER suffered from allergies like people who have allergies.... So, I think that's why it took so long to figure out the bronchials are actually irritated due to allergies. Both pulmonologists I went to said I wasn't allergic... So, when I got so tired of being sick last year, I decided - what the hell - I'll get tested for allergies & see what happens. They did the normal allergy test on my back & absolutely NOTHING! I was so disappointed... but then the doc decided to to do a test that injects more into your skin due to my asthma symptoms & history. My two biggest allergies from that were dust and ragweed... okay they are minor compared to most people. But it turns out, thats what has been bothering the bronchials. It really doesn't matter how minor the allergies are, if the bronchials get irritated for whatever reason - sometimes they get ultra-sensitive. The doc just gave me a prescription for Allegra, so I will see how that works for the ragweed later on this year.<br><br><b>So... I'm just saying.</b> Your bronchials got irritated for whatever reason and maybe minor allergies are irritating them now.<br><br><b>As for the meds</b> - Advair & Serevent didn't work for me at all. Foradil did work, but only in combination with Qvar (a steroid). I have heard that sometimes the use of a maintenance drug without a steroid can sometimes be worse than nothing. When I was on Foradil & Asmanex I was really, really sick... no matter how much I took of the Asmanex. But on Symbicort - I've been getting better & better. Symbicort has the same drug as Foradil & a steroid in it. The new theory is that the combination of the two drugs works much better than the two separately.<br><br><b>As for symptoms -</b> I think everyone is different, and symptoms are different. I've had docs be totally stumped at my symptoms - but it might be they aren't looking at it correctly. So, hang in there!<br><br><b>Econo</b> - that's great on the asthma symptoms! that's my goal, to get back to where I was before the big irritation of my bronchials. maybe someday....<br><br>
Hi <b>Drom</b>!
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Dr. Dale is right on all counts. btw Dr. Dale I always followed the doctor's orders - sometimes the pharmacists had a hard time with the doc's orders though...<br><br><b>Rosie -</b> I wouldn't go to the pulmonologist who talks about knees and backs. I've had 2 - one wasn't a runner, but was a competitive biker - he's the one who made me run & and the other warned me about my knees and told me not to run. I was doing really well with the first one (until those Calif brush fires) & I got really sick under the second one's care. The allergist/asthma specialist is a marathon runner & his treatment is very similar to the first pulmnologist, plus dealing with the allergies. I say find a doctor who will be the best for you - forget about anything else... a runner, or a competitive athlete if possible. You shouldn't stop trying until you're happy.
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hey guys -<br><br><b>Rose-</b>glad to hear that you are feeling better about things. Just remember that the wheezing is telling you something. I believe a lot of people can run through them, but you need to be aware when running through them is ok & when its not. I believe that only comes with experience - just make sure you have the albuturol inhaler with you just in case. This actally sounds like advice that would come from my asthma docs.. lol my treatment is basically - get better thru running -<br><br><b>Drom -</b> sounds like you are doing well. The "cold"- ah you are so funny. Here in So. Oregon, it got into the 60's this last week, and it felt so warm... but i am a transplant from L.A., so i understand what you mean. The thing here in the winter - i can really tell when i'm healthy vs having issues. Its interesting to see the difference at 30 degrees. Anyway, i've instituted treadmill only in the winter, and it really made a difference this year.<br><br>
So, my breathing is doing really well right now. Its getting better every week in the running program. So i guess that's the ticket for me - slow & easy.. problem is legs always want to go further & faster, so the running program is a really good thing. this week i've slacked due to the shoulder - its better, but not well. <img alt="sad.gif" src=""> so am going to get my missing 2 days this weekend, hopefully getting off my schedule hasn't hurt me any.
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<b>Rose</b>- actually the move was a quality of life thing... but i thought the air would be a nice side benefit. However, there are a lot more triggers here... your weather sounds similar - April is a transition month here too.. but we are still getting lows in the 30's & frost some mornings.<br><br><b>Susan</b> - sorry about the glaucoma & the allergies. I think right now is high allergy season for some, mine hit later with the ragweed... do you take anything for the allergies? my allergist gave me a script for Allegra to try this year, when it gets really bad... so we shall see. I think that running strategy sounds like a good idea.. I do a slow, faster, slower thing & truthfully I probably wouldn't have learned to run without that strategy. hope you feel better soon.
I take Symbicort and Singulair, but the Singulair has never done anything for the allergy symptoms. So, now I'm using it as as an exercise induced asthma treatment only - helping to open airways before i run ( about 1/2 hour before i run on doctors orders.) That is instead of using the albuterol inhaler.
Wow Soundie - its amazing to think you had asthma as a kid & can run so fast. I wanna be like you <img alt="smile.gif" src=""> Actually, I was only diagnosed with asthma when I was 41 (3 years ago) after having an episode I think was triggered by allergies. Actually always had some issues, but no bad asthma attackes until this (except for the one time when I was 3 & my mom took me for a walk through a bunch of ragweed).<br><br>
Geez I think I caught a bad cold at Eugene on top of breathing issues due to pushing myself too far.. <img alt="sad.gif" src=""> having bronchitis with asthma, geez is horrible!! Hmmm I guess I need to read that article. I did get a spacer for my albuterol inhaler this week - that seems to help a lot.<br><br>
Riley - woohoo yeah on the 5K!
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