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The Asthma Thread

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Are you serious?<br>
Um, but, no. I would not trade sleep for weight loss. Nope, I get so few good nights as it is.<br><br>
But, I do need help with medication. Rinda has been a wealth of knowledge and she's been spot on every time...<br>
foradil... I thought helped but it didn't... I think I had one placebo-effect run...<br>
asthmanex.... same as foradil. I am on my second month with little improvement.<br><br>
I go back to the doctor in a few weeks.
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I am wondering about this adult onset asthma deal.<br><br>
I never had asthma as a child.<br>
I've never had problems with allergies (still don't)<br><br>
Why do I have asthma?<br><br>
Was it because I had pneumonia and then 10 days later rode my bike 100 miles?<br><br>
Could it be related to asbestos?<br>
My dad died of asbestos related lung cancer...<br><br>
Is it from running too much?<br><br>
Or...and this is my favorite mistake...<br>
Is it because I am a horrible house-keeper and dust is killing me?<br><br>
Please feel free to write here with your very own asthma story.<br><br>
(food is allowed here...ha ha)
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Dromedary, your case makes sense to me. I can see how allergies would do that. But I don't have any allergy symptoms at all. What happens is: I run, I try to run faster or I try to run uphill and then. I begin to feel like I can't get a deep breath and I sound like a vacuum cleaner with something stuck in it.<br><br>
If I slow down and take a big breath in and hold it and then let it out with pursed lips, I recover and go on. In fact, I never really stop, I just have to keep going through these steps.<br><br>
Econo! I didn't even know you had asthma and allergies!<br><span style="font-size:xx-small;">(I was only kidding about the food, step away from the vanilla creme cookies)</span><br><br><span style="font-size:medium;">Ralph has allergies galor! He takes zyrtec and nasacort and claratin and benadryl and any other histamine blocker he can ingest or snort. And yet, he breathes silently and effortlessly up and down hills and at all paces.</span><br><br><span style="font-size:medium;">Poor lilmissrosie... she has allergies and asthma!</span><br><br><span style="font-size:medium;">Anybody else?<br><br>
Who else has asthma minus allergies?<br><br>
Anyone? Anyone?</span>
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Pro, as much as I love your mother... I doubt I will "outgrow" this... because I really don't think I can afford to "grow" any clothes are already tight and I am buying big butt shorts. (Which, by the way, I got at the UnderArmour outlet for twenty bucks. Quite stylish with a zippered pocket in the back.)<br><br>
Oh, wait. ASTHMA.<br><br>
Dr. Dale.<br>
How should I proceed?<br>
The pulmonologist to whom I was referred is nice and all but, I don't think he realizes that just because I can run a marathon (he saw me right after the VCM) doesn't mean I am happy with my breathing. And I did end up in the med tent after the VCM due to breathing problems and low temp. (93.7... welll, I don't really trust that 93.7 because it was an ear thermometer)<br><br>
My neighbor is a pulmonologist in the same practice. He knows what running means to me. He is always warning me about knee and back problems. So...even though he really is a brilliant man of superior intelligence... I am afraid to ask him for help.<br><br>
And, it is awkward because the guys are in the same practice, I don't want to hurt the old guy's feelings. (he really is an old guy, he's semi-retired, doesn't make rounds or take call or anything)<br><br>
Maybe I will just ask the PCP to keep trying different meds until we land the right one.<br><br>
Symbiocort is the next one, if I am following Dromedary and Rinda correctly.<br><br>
Don't worry. I follow the instructions on the labels of these meds. No chance on me OD'ing.<br><br>
When Lilmissrosie was tested for asthma as a 10th grader... after her pulmonary function tests (PFT's) the RT said, "Her lungs aren't too bad. They just look like the lungs of a kid who grew up in a house of smokers."<br><br>
WHat? I couldn't believe! I kept that child away from smoke. Even when I was pregnant with her! One time, Mom and I were traveling from Cincinnati to Akron and we stopped at a Wendy's. We sat in the non-smoking section and there was a guy smoking. I looked right at him, smiled, and said, "Excuse me sir, did you know this is the non-smoking section?" And he was so polite and embarrassed. He apologized profusely, extinguished the cigarette and left.<br><br>
Anyway. DS2 gets the PFT's in May.
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So... today I was running with Ralph, Roger, and Jane. (Steve and Sonya were ahead of us)<br><br>
Jane says, "Gee, I can really hear you wheezing today!"<br>
Roger says, "What? Oh, yes, you <b>are</b> really wheezing. Do you use an inhaler?"<br>
(Roger is an internal medicine physician)<br><br>
I said, "No, I use a daily med, asmanex. I use at 0500 so I didn't think I could use the inhaler."<br><br>
Roger thinks a minute and then says, "Yes, you can take the asmanex and also use your rescue inhaler, they are compatible."<br><br>
We all run on a little ways. And the wheezing is mentioned again...<br><br>
I said, "I'm <b>sorry</b>. I am trying to make it stop."<br>
To which Roger says, "NO! Do not try to fight it. Don't try to control the wheezing. Just run through it. Those airways will warm up. It's the cold air that is making the wheezing worse."<br><br>
Guess what?<br>
Roger was right.<br><br>
Today, for the first time in WEEKS. My average pace for 5.25 miles was 9:35.<br><br>
I like Roger.
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Hi Dromedary,<br>
How are things in sunny California? Things are fine here in sunny Virginia. It's hawt.<br><br>
Guess what? I just went to the doctor THIS MORNING! It was a follow-up for a lot of things...<br><br>
After my run with Roger, I realized that I was being sort of whimpy with the wheezing. It's okay to wheeze if it doesn't inhibit the running. (For me, anyway, I think we all have our own thresholds)<br><br>
Anyway, after this morning's app't I have decided that my PCP is good and is looking out for me. He wants me to continue the asmanex and use the albuterol sulfate inhalation aerosol prn.<br><br>
I take the inhaler with me to races now, but haven't had to use it yet!<br><br>
And here is how my doctor responded when I told him I had NO wheezing or breathing problems at the Knoxville Half Marathon:<br>
"Here's what I think, I think it's sort of like the old Primatene Mist, which was mostly epinephrine... You get to a race, you feel a little competitive, that gets your own epinephrine going and your airways benefit."<br><br>
Hmmmm? We don't know if that is the case but, I like it! He is thinking like a runner.<br><br>
Now he is just a little worried about my low hgb and whatever... which takes me back to my stupid ileum. Apparently the ileum is important for B12 absorption... if that goes down a bit, apparently the hgb can drop... blah blah blah...<br><br>
The surgeon told me he just took out a tiny piece of the ileum and it shouldn't affect the B12 whatever.<br><br>
HEY! I guess I really AM getting old! Look how much time I spent talking about my ailments! HA HA.<br><br>
I am thrilled about your upcoming marathon, please breathe well and have a blast. I am envious of La Tortuga because she got to meet you. And I am envious of the rest of those west coasties... Any plans to come back east?<br><br>
How are the rest of the breathing challenged?<br>
Rindaroo, I love how you enlist your "staff" to help with the dusting and vacuuming...excelllent.<br><br>
Spring is in the air! Lots of stuff to irritate folks, so far, no allergy problems for me. Roger seems to think I am more affected by the cold weather.<br><br>
Have a great weekend!
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Darn, I thought she met you a few weeks ago. My mistake.<br>
And, I thought you were training for a full but maybe your half training is heavy duty!<br><br>
Either way, I love to read about your runs and races. I feel a bit more connected when I do.
I remember when you moved from California to Oregon, better breathing was a big factor in that decision, wasn't it?<br><br>
I am glad that running is helping your breathing (give the shoulder some time). And you are right, I am paying close attention to the wheezing/running and when to slow down and when to push it.<br><br>
It will be interesting to see what happens when the weather breaks for good. It was hawt yesterday but we'll see lows in the 40's at 0530 Monday morning. April is the roller coaster month, making it difficult to put the "winter clothes" away.<br><br>
Breathe well everyone!
Thanks for the article, Sound. I was diagnosed late in the game, so the only albuterol inhaler I've ever had is of the HFA variety. I am so glad I read the article! I have been using it incorrectly.<br><br>
I wish the docs/nurses/pharmacists would have given me detailed instructions on how to use the inhaler. I read the insert but, I am a kinetic learner and really need to be shown a hands on demonstration...
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