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The Asthma Thread

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Are you serious?<br>
Um, but, no. I would not trade sleep for weight loss. Nope, I get so few good nights as it is.<br><br>
But, I do need help with medication. Rinda has been a wealth of knowledge and she's been spot on every time...<br>
foradil... I thought helped but it didn't... I think I had one placebo-effect run...<br>
asthmanex.... same as foradil. I am on my second month with little improvement.<br><br>
I go back to the doctor in a few weeks.
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respect asthma...and use the inhalers correctly-<br><br>
a patient that I met a couple of days ago, and is on my service after her respiratory arrest, nearly died due to inappropriate self-medication (multiple/multiple uses of beta agonist MDI)<br><br>
I just didn't think that happened anymore, does<br><br>
She was in status asthmaticus. She's had asthma for years and avoided the medical system and didn't even have a pulmonologist.<br><br>
Find the right doctor. Get the right testing. Get the right meds for you.<br><br>
(I'm just sayin')
this is very good, no-<b><i>excellent</i>,</b> advice<br><br>
I always recommend second or third opinions until you've found the right doctor for you. And it might not hurt to tell your doctor himself of your unhappiness and frustration...
1 - 3 of 33 Posts
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