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That's what I get for trying to be nice.

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Customer calls, Treasurer on a church account. He can't come in. I verify all the pertinent info, and add the Pastor on the account per Treasurer's request. T also tells me that P has the authority to do what he wants on the account. P changes the address. Wife of T comes in and wants info on the account. I don't give it to her. She's not on the account, nor have I been authorized to add her.<br><br>
T gets pissed that I "mistreated his wife" and comes back and says he never authorized adding P or changing the address. I put everything back how it was and told T I would no longer do stuff by phone, it was against policy anyway, I did it as a customer courtesy, and it just caused a bunch of problems.<br><br>
Now he's going to close out the account. $250,000.<br><br>
That's what I get for trying to be nice to the guy.
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Was that my boss???
doubtful that is was since I'm in Texas...but sounds like SOP for him.
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