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Th-th-thursday September 27th

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7.25 hilly miles.
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20 minutes on the arc trainer / 10 on stairmaster / a few on TM walking at incline.<br><br>
I hope that my hips will allow me to jog a really slow 4 miles at lunch - I continue to actively stretch once and hour and it is helping.<br><br>
Had gained 25# in 3+ weeks of being off, now back down 5 - Goal is to get less Piggey over the next 6-8 weeks. Then start building running base again.<br><br>
Good running to all -
Griz, why are you stuttering/shivering, did you get a blizzard already?<br><br>
I've got the day off from work today, have my goal marathon in ten days, need to lose six pounds, and I just ate <i>two</i> ham and egg sandwiches. Guess I'll go out and do 11 miles with some striders thrown in. Now where'd I put that tongue depresser? (sorry, bad joke)
I enjoyed a very foggy morning by trudging 10 miles around a local trail. I didn't feel all that great.
6 very slow miles at lunch. Sunny, humid, mid 80's. My legs are fried.
Rest day. <img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="Smile">
I'm just in from my final speed session before my goal marathon in ten days:<br><br>
11 miles with 15 X 120 (untimed fartlek), one big hill, then 7 X 240 (untimed fartlek). 77 degrees, overcast and humid, no hydration. I am comfortably numb.<br><br>
If I live, I'll do great on race day.
7 miles on the treadmill, 5 at Tempo pace.<br><br>
Now on to teach yoga class #2 and then take pilates.
fall is here in the great midwest.<br><br>
ran at lunch Temp 82 and Sunny.<br><br>
intended to do 6 than decided to do 8 and ended up with 10.1 in 1h 46m and I feel pretty good.<br><br>
This will be my last longish run before a half on the seventh. For my train up I've averaged 25mpw with longs of<br><br>
11.2/2 Sep<br>
13/9 Sep<br>
10.6/22 Sep<br>
I am declaring myself ready<img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="hello1"><br><br>
It's a big deal for me. The last race I ran was the VB half in Sept of 2004. I hurt my back and hadn't run with any consistency until July of this year. I actually feel like I'm back.
Hi all,<br><br>
No run for me today. Scheduled day off according to the Pfitz/Douglas plan for 4 weeks between two marathons.<br><br>
I will probably do some abs work tonight.
Hi all - Evening run for me, which ended up in the dark. Had arranged to meet up with an old training partner who has been out injured for nine months, and just getting back into it. I wanted a long run, so it worked well for me to run from home, through the centre of Dublin, along the Liffey, at 6 in the evening, to the Phoenix Park, then meet up with Kieran, and run 6 with him, before running the 3 miles or so back home, the same way as I ran out - A twelve miler in around 1hr 45, not a bad way to spend an evening, although it was dark when I got home.<br><br>
Had a little treat when I got home, went and had Wings and Fries in the local bar (and a pint of Bulmer's!<img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="Smile"> )<br><br>
Had a great pick-me-up workout tonight. Calves are tight as whatever you want to think of that's tight, but I felt great still. 1.8 warmup, 800 (2:45), 400 (1:16-too fast), 400 (1:23), 8x200 (32, 34, 33, 33, 32, 34, 32, 27.high). Glad to be doing shorter practices since I'm feeling a bit worn out but I guess it's normal. Oh ya, then a half-mile cooldown.
5.75 miles. 5 miles of that was run with the ladies running group. Felt good and strong, no injury issues (yay!!). Pace felt good, finished in 42:01.
The amazing temps continue: 60F and no wind at 7pm.<br><br>
10 days to go to marathon race and tonight was last hard workout.<br><br>
8 miles total<br>
3 w/u<br>
3 @ I-pace (4x 1200m; with 3 min recoveries)<br>
2 c/d<br><br>
The plan called for 3x 1600m, but I had company that was a little less trained than I. So I modified the 3 miles to 4x 1200m. Based on my VDOT, I was aiming for 5:50-5:55 pace for the intervals.<br><br>
Splits: 4:31/4:22/4:24/4:23<br><br>
Although I'm starting the feel the marathon self-doubt, I know I could PR the 5k right now. I hit the mark tonight without too much strain.<br><br>
I've been working with Daniels Running Formula for this season. I've never used the Pfitz marathon plan for an entire season. But I do like his taper. Similar to past seasons, I'm adapting the last 3 weeks of his season to our group plan. This key workout, with 10 days left to go, has brought positve results in previous seasons. It's the same exact taper as I did for Flying Pig.
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