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Ooh. That's the suck, Zoj. I'll hit 10 years at my place this year - so 4/wks vacation I'll never take... Should make a resolution to be better about that! My place doesn't pay that great - but benefits have been solid (and commutable is always a win).

Glad the back isn't getting worse, SB (hopefully not jinxing it!). And wow - what cluster-f health care is... Your SO must be so frustrated (and you as well). You'd think they'd be a little more concerned about cardiac issues...

Totally spaced the long exchange Yo! Take lots of pics! And the marathon in Athens would be awesome, I'm sure. Another one your DH won't train for ;) ...

Yeah - I should ride outside (plenty of people do ...) but it's so sloppy and salty on and off. I'd rather stay on the inside with Zwift. Unfortunately snow has been NON EXISTENT - so no x-country skiing or snow-shoeing. It hasn't even been nearly cold enough to freeze bodies of water ... The snowmobile crowd must be really peeved. Seems like it gets harder every year...

Oh - and Zwifting again today. Did the TDZ stage 2 (in rather boring Richmond VA) - hard effort 20'ish miles in a little over 50 mins...

In other news, picking up a used bike for DS for a kind of belated xmas/just to be nice to him present (as he's still pretty frustrated about employment situation). 2005 Giant Carbon in fairly pristine shape ... it'll be a big step up from his 80's beefy steel Nishiki ... Hope he rides it!

1 - 1 of 4 Posts