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SB - yeah that’s totally unacceptable responses from the med groups. We do hear lack of quality medical cares in remote areas (I would think your area would be considered as one) not sure tho that’s behind all that or just typical medicine practices in general…

Zoj - that sucks ….something better offered in exchange? I get 27 days and not enough :).

Geo - hope a new toy (to DS) would help lifting up his spirits. Not happy about the current job..? Did I post here that DD quit her job? Funny you brought up DH’s marathon training… so he doesn’t want miss his 15th Detroit marathon so he will be returning to US in the middle of Oct. He is pumped because the Greece marathon would be his training run!

I didn’t post yesterday. 5.5miles, finally saw the tree Mark hit. I don’t know what the F he was doing.. yes I heard lots of leaves there yes the sidewalk Wasn’t perfectly straight but WTF he was doing that hit the tree so hard but not to damage his bike even a bit. He was riding the Salsa Journeyer (gravel bike) I recommended and he received in April.

3.5miles walk after work. Totally lost an interest in doing something harder. :(.
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