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Zoj oh no on the holidays. It seems like most places have increased them but to the point where its hard as a consultant to get anything done because at least one critical contact is always on PTO.
Yesterday I got strength training in today not much so far. Back is still sore but not feeling the "tweak" anymore. I stayed up too late last night.finish files for the client when someoen was actually able to get off PTO in tiem to say "panic I need it friday" yet the file has yet to be opened. Oh well

SO and I still fighting the battle for someone to help with his cardiac issues. Since the CPC ordered the test no one is looking at it until his cardio appt in mid-feb. Cariology says PCP has to refer PCP says cardiology has access so they cna "decide"...outside clinics want a referral.. the new way medicine is practiced.. come in the ER or go away and get worse...

maybe a nap then a little snowshoe?
1 - 1 of 4 Posts