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Hi gang - getting my last few workouts in before surgery on Tuesday....out on the roads for a 3 mile run.

Why is it that my workouts, esp. my runs, always SO GOOD just before I am going to be laid up for a while?!? sigh.

DH is still behaving (mostly).

At the Doc early this am for my yearly physical - BP still acts up when I go so have to track it again and this time cholesterol was also up. Time to revamp my diet a bit I guess. I take enough meds...don't need a new one.

SB - I have a set of adjustable weights (5-50# dumbells), a smart trainer, a bosu ball and tons of bands and foam rollers in our finished basement which doubles as our workout space, lol. Would love a treadmill too, but then we'd never be able to move!
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