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TGIF - Friday, Jan 6 - Workouts!

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Nothing for me except dog walk this am...PT and then a bunch of errands mid-day and I didn't get back home until 3 pm...heading to VT tonight to go skiing this weekend...

Sorry I misread Yo... bike-packing....still more than I would EVER want to do lol
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Are still working Zoj, :) ?
Hope you have some nice snow to ski!

I need snow!!!!

65min on trainer and 20min strengthening exercises incl shoulder pt. Not doing well there..
Finally assembled my new toy!


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Yo Hooray for your new toy an dfor DIY activities. Its easy to get in the mode of having others do it and so fulfilling to manage to do these things yourself. Our area is in perfect shape for that new machine! Also yes people bike pack and even fat bike pack in winter. Aside from the continental divide tour, we have hundreds of miles of gravel/dirt over the mountains. On my wish list is a 154 mile mixed gravel/road ride called ride around the rock (tetons being the rock) held as a "rite of passage" in one day locals do a 3 day backpack tour instead and that's what I keep wishing to do but can't seem to find a partner to join me. Of course summer got so filled with backpacking last year I didn't even wish for it but maybe this year?? As for hills/mountains yes we have them and so far on day trips (and for the backpackers I see) its lower gearing and alternating hike a bike and ride, ride til you can't stand it or find a truly steep section then hike a little. Most of my day trips involve steep ups and downs.

I need about 6 inches more snow, preferably moist snow to finish off the transition of the faceted/hoar near the ground from oct/nov.

This week was not good for resolutions or my usual routine wiht the several trips to Jackson. The monitor was dropped off today (by me) and my car's recall work done. During that time i went to Teton Pines to take a skate ski lesson. I had been wanting to do this with 2 others for some time and several different agendas and issues kept clashing. I didn't reserve a lesson so I called ot see if I could get one last minute. At first it was maybe after the scheduled lesson come out and see so I came out and I guess the people who scheduled no-showed so I got an informal and free how to lesson and had fun on skate skis. I'm thinking they might be a good addition to the quiver. Locals skate on the meadows when the spring crust forms and on the groomed snowmachine area nearby. Of course I'd have to buy some more skis! Anyway I went 21/2 hours my quads were quivering and threatening to quit when I stopped no idea how far but there was a little pond I kept lapping and I saw otters playing there!
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