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TGIF - April 14 Workouts!

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Day off for me - dang so not ready for this heat! thankfully tomorrow will be more in the normal temps for this time of year.

Speaking of tomorrow...DH caught some kind of stomach bug and was up all night hoping I don't come down with it!

I sometimes miss the days that I was so dedicated to getting my workouts in no matter what...but then again, I also realize that there is more to living than checking that box all the time. Maybe it is burn out or maybe it is being wiser...who knows...I just know that sometimes it isn't in the cards and I am trying to be ok with it (like today). :)
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I hear ya…. Ugh I hope you won’t get the stomach bug now!!

Friday night beer ride - 23mile round trip to a brewery. Just two of us today. Allergy was bad.. sneezing,itchy nose and eyes. What is really bad is my lips. So I have been having red, burning lip issues seemingly forever. At least two months. Started cracking in the corners then the entire lips are on fire 24x7. Saw PCP, who prescribed two ointments, helped cracks but caused burning lips. Then a dermatologist prescribed another one. Hasn’t done a squat. Made or worse. For todays ride, it was just HORRIBLE!! prob it was worse because of pollen. Just took antihistamine hopefully calms it down. I never knew lip can cause this much pain and discomfort!
Man - that sounds painful Yo! And very strange to come out of nowhere if you're not usually prone to chapped lips. I never associated that with allergies ...

And I hear you about workouts for sure! Stopping commuting when covid hit really took exercise impetus out of me :( Not that I don't enjoy cycling - but just having a goal taken away threw me off my stride and made it much easier to let exercise slide (and no, it doesn't get any easier getting older). I did have a nice ride today ... an easy 21 after work, just to enjoy it. Crossed paths with a rider from my town (didn't know him), but we had a nice chat for 8 or 8 miles before parting ways...

Second Bagelry tomorrow - should be warmer than the first!

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