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TGIF - 24 March - Workouts!

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Hey gang!
A little lonely in here! hope everyone is feeling good and out enjoying the weather!

~3 mile run at lunch and then cut out of work early to do some errands. No skiing this weekend as hubby wants to rest his hip flexor. :)

Happy Friday!
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Sorry - I've just been off the exercise bandwagon... Not sure why. I haven't been feeling great - but not so bad that I couldn't have exercised more. Beside walking the dog, haven't done much of anything ... Did manage to get on Zwift for 45 minutes / 15 miles or so today - and hope to get more regular until it's outdoor season. Sounds like the Bagelry crew will be starting up on April 1 ... so right around the bend....
Sorry Zoj for having left you alone here! Thx for getting things going everyday.

Geo - I’m sure a group ride will get you motivated. I myself look forward to a regular weekend ride!

yesterday was 2-mile walk and 6 miles run.
today just 2-mile walk as we went to a piano concert then dinner in the evening
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