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or not.

dropped DD off at the airport this am, did errands on they way home and then work call to start my day at 1:00 pm. so I guess I am in the late March slacker club too! (didn't want to be left out)

Yo - I think we all help our kids get started in some way or another. DS graduated in 2018 and still living at home, which is fine. He's paying off student loan debt, but pays for his car and car insurance. He does grunt work about the house and condo as well to earn his keep. He's still on our health insurance and phone plan. He's planning on moving to our condo at the end of May to work in VT, so he'll be responsible for some of the utilities and his food while he lives there. Baby steps...

Nicer day here today, but super windy and winter temps...sunny as all heck though - love it!
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