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TGI. . .Carp: Thurs. Aug. 9, 2007

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Two days in a row!<br><br>
Good morning, all!<br><br>
I'm up to run yesterday's run at 6:00 instead of 7:00 in the hopes that it won't be so bad out there. It rained on and off yesterday, but my house is uncomfortably warm. It's only 74*, so hopefully I can get my big, bad 30 minutes in.<br><br>
How anyone can mix up Ole' Miss and the Stillers is beyond me<img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="Cool"><img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="Very Happy"><br><br>
Back when I complete this sucker!
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um. its a redheaded girl... <img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="Very Happy">
Hi guys!<br><br>
Sorry to rub it in, but it is magnificent here. Just completely stunningly gorgeous. 60s maybe, sunny, big white fluffy clouds. No humidity. *sigh*. And I'm stuck at work looking out. Actually, I have to run over the Countway, so I get to go outside. I think I'll walk over.<br><span style="font-size:xx-small;">(esp since I didn't run last night...DH got home and well, we took Pacer's suggested evening plans to heart.)</span><br><br><b>Prae</b>: take everyone's advice, but don't freak out if the adrenaline and the crowds don't work to your advantage your first race. I'm one of the only people here that does worse in races than on my own. I panic. My nerves get jangly. I start too slow and then ended up having a mental break down at some point and walk. I've said it before, but i'm my own worst enemy. I don't have the same "failure is not an option" gene that everyone else has...but I always finish a race. I think you are doing so well, you're going to surprise yourself.<br><br><b>LLEarPlugs</b>: I buy all my friends Dan Zanes cds...just so they have something to play for their kids that isn't mindnumbing. <b>Fort hose</b> who are unaware, Zanes is the former frontman of the Del Fuegos who now does kid friendly, world/fusion/blues/rock music. He's good and has great guests on stage and on his cds. And no Aussies in primary colors in sight.<br><br><b>High Heat</b>, ready for us wimmins? <img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="Very Happy"><br><br><b>Frankie</b>, how you doin'? <img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="Wink"><br><br><b>QOD</b>: Actually, I probably write faster, just because I make a lot of mistakes when I type and I make the changes while typing. I've never been a good typist.<br>
A quick story: when I got my first real job out of library school, I went to work at the Boston public business library. One of the things I had to do there was index directories and create record cards for our inhouse catalog, separate from the online system. Much more indepth and specialized cataloging at our branch. Anyway, I had to type cards. On a type writer. A 1940's manual upright. It used to take me hours to get them done, since I was an awful typist and I'd never typed on a manual before. When I was given an electric (progress!), I banged the keys for the longest time!<br><br>
Shoot, I know I wanted to say more. But I've forgotten.<br><br>
Gotta run...I have to get going.<br><br>
Dang - you beat me, I was going to tell CoolWhip to keep an eye out for PTom there without kids! I'm telling you though - it's like MILF-apalooza at those things!<br><br><b>PTom</b> - Definitely try to get in some work with fast guys - you'd be amazed what that will do for you. No way could either of us run those hard tempo miles this morning alone - when I dropped my buddy in the last mile, we both said it was a lot harder solo. Some workouts you can do solo, but I've found that running in a group has really taken me to a new level. I have some faster guys that I improve with, and some slower guys that I run with to keep me in check on easier days.<br>
Speaking of catcalls - other than my co-workers seeing me at lunch, we never get any love, but I did see a high school team out this morning...those little punks have zero fat on them! And the girls' team was just behind them - I felt like a dirty old man! Probably because I'm a dirty old man...<br><br><b>Winter</b> - Nothing tops your visual. Once again - I thank you!
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Here is the conversation I had with my mom about em (and ya know...she's the mom so i'm sure she knows what they are....)<br><br>
Mom: Did it look like the catipillar in alice in wonderland with the hooka pipe?<br>
Me: Yeah. It was friggin' huge, mama.<br>
Mom: I just saw one of those last year for the first time in my trumpet vine. I looked it up. Do you know what I think its called?<br>
Me: Little assholes?<br>
Mom: Mandy B. Don't talk like that, girl.<br>
Me: sorry<br>
Me: I think they're called tomato worms. And they don't even make pretty butterflies. They're just nasty worms.
<b>Roo</b>, you should teach <b>Hank</b> how to keep your garden free of the insect intruders.
Ha ha, what you were holdin' My mom is a red head. I have natural red highlights that stand out more in the summer and sun.
What's da <b>B.</b> stand for? huh?<br><br>
p.s. i'm a killin' time till i gots to open wide for the dentist man
Yep, some were a bit of a blur. There were times when I was thinkin' enough with this fancy smancy cinnema stuff only you guys care about, focus, focus, I'm gettin' a headache!
Ok thank you. I thought it was just me or that I was sitting too close. It really was a good flick despite the focus issue. <img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="Smile">
HA, in your dreams.<br><br><b>Moe</b> - I'll have to look into those CDs. Is he on iTunes?<br><br><b>Tom</b> - Forget to respond to you about it the other day. I didn't realize Bobby sold the store. I know he had partners, maybe he sold out to one of them?
Yikes - don't forget the umbrella.<br><br>
Best kids CD we ever had - Taj Mahal:<br><img alt="" src="" style="border:0px solid;">
I've got a niece who's college age now (yipes!) and when she was younger the big singer for kids was Raffi/Raffey(?). I still remember Baby Beluga...
It was a pretty brutal run this morning. It was so Voodoo conditions. It was 75 with a dew point around 70. I was sweating pretty good about a half mile in, and completely drenched two miles in. I dropped my friend around mile five. He had a long, slow run/walk home. I did get 12 in with a good negative split. My legs felt good throughout, but was completely soaked and felt so uncomfortable at the end.<br><br><b>phillytom</b> - I've always wanted to read that book, but I don't read much. In Philly ask me about my Dick Beardlsey story.
<b>Winter</b>: Beth<br><br><b>Scratch</b>: My big fella (all 80#s of him) hid behind me when he saw a school of minnows and little boat waves when I took him to the lake. I'm thinking of getting him a beware of dog sign to boost his confidence.
<span style="font-size:small;">Wiggly wormie things or not, what a great picture <b>Roo</b>! Fuzzy insects with lots of legs freak me out a bit.</span><br><br><b>The fast guy/gal crew -</b> I feel like I may need to finally try and hook up with some fast gals to run alongside (or at least try to keep up with). I dig the whole pack mentality and from what y'all have said, it seems to really bring your game up. <b>You think it's too late for my fall marathons to benefit from hooking up with a club?</b>
Hey, all--<br><br>
Thanks for your fantabulous advice and words of encouragement. A while ago I was in a support group for women with food and body issues (no eating disorder, just disordered eating), and one of our rules was "NO NUMBERS" because saying, "I ate 1000 calories yesterday" (which was breakfast for me) might trigger someone else's disorder. While I would NEVER advocate a no-numbers policy here, I think I'm experiencing trigger-type issues. I want to be as good as the experienced people, so I stress out about my numbers. Because I'm running a program by time and not by distance (until the end of September), I need to keep my watch, but I have a pretty good sense of how far 30:00 is, so I'll try to ignore that I'm wearing it. So many of you have said this, but <b>Voo</b> said it today: the brain needs as much training as the body. Again, thanks for your support.<br><br>
The race is Labor Day weekend, September 3, and instead of running triumphantly into Heinz Field, I will be flying home from Chicago and the national conference of my field, where I will be spending my birthday for the rest of time. Really, I'm not upset, though.<img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="Cool"><br><br>
I live in Squirrel Hill, if you're familiar with the 'burgh. They're not kidding when they say "Hill" either.<br><br>
One of the guys who ran up the big hill this morning said hi to me, and I was so impressed that he was (a) running up the hill, and (b) had enough breath to talk, that I said, "Hello" in a "well, hello, big boy" kinda way. I was a little embarrassed afterward.<br><br>
Good thing it's not Friday<img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="Very Happy">
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Oh, the <b>QOD:</b> Kinda tough since I'm a reporter and have to take fast notes, but also type pretty fast. I'd say I type faster. But, I've tried typing notes while doing an interview and I couldn't keep up as much.
<b>QOD</b> Typing. My writing is complete shite.
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