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TGI. . .Carp: Thurs. Aug. 9, 2007

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Two days in a row!<br><br>
Good morning, all!<br><br>
I'm up to run yesterday's run at 6:00 instead of 7:00 in the hopes that it won't be so bad out there. It rained on and off yesterday, but my house is uncomfortably warm. It's only 74*, so hopefully I can get my big, bad 30 minutes in.<br><br>
How anyone can mix up Ole' Miss and the Stillers is beyond me<img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="Cool"><img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="Very Happy"><br><br>
Back when I complete this sucker!
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Ugh, I feel like Carp! (Is this a theme... I'm having a hard time spelling this wrong... is there a reason why I just did?) I can see my English teacher mother frowning now... I should add in a I ain't carin' for good measure!<br><br>
I digress- Good morning 30's!<br><br><b>Bob</b>, Baby classes are just the start of the end of your free time as you know it! Wait until baby comes and you start saying, sleep... what's sleep?<br><br><b>Maria,</b> I haven't mentioned yet how much I love NYC. I'm a bit of a broadway junkie and I can be entertained just walking the streets for hours. I guess I like to people watch and NYC is a great place to do it. When I use to have time to write, observation is what gave me ideas.<br><br><b>Prae</b>, Thanks for sharing your frustrations with us. I feel the same way a lot of times. I'm just starting to work towards a 5K also but haven't done it with any consistency because I've been more focused on my test. I do a lot of alternate walking/jogging/running/sprinting. Your attitude is great and I've no doubt you'll reach your goals with all the hard work you're doing. Stay the course and you'll make it happen.<br><br><b>Igreenberg</b>, first tooth, sweet! Let us know what the reaction to the tooth fairy is! Wiggles... they're a bit goofy but put on a good show for the kids. They'll have a good time.<br><br><span style="color:#008000;"><b>Heather, Happy belated Birthday!</b> Hope you had a good one. I didn't have the opportunity to post yesterday, so I'm just catching up.</span><br><br><span style="color:#000000;"><b>Roo</b> Cute pic, it made me smile and say, what the heck is that?!</span><br><br><b>QOD</b> type, but I have been known to take some mean notes in classes at an ungodly writing speed.<br><br>
Ok, here's the deal...<br><br>
First of all, thank-you all for the well wishes yesterday...<br><br>
Almost five hours later I left the testing center, not feelin' it and pretty sure I'm gonna have to re-test. That test was horrible! So freakin' frustrating... I do not cry and I seriously could have poured buckets of tears after walking out of that place. I think being run over ten times by an 18 wheeler would have felt better.<br><br>
Eventually I found a Logans and went straight to the bar and ordered a beer. Now, if you knew me better, you'd know, I really don't drink a lot. Which is why when my friend called ten minutes later and said, whatcha doin' and I replied almost finished with a beer she said, did I dial the wrong number?<br><br>
After Logans I decided to get lost in a movie and went to see Bourne. Since I know there are others planning on seeing this movie that haven't seen it yet, I won't say too much other than it was a good distraction for me.<br><br>
I have to say, I've slept great the last two nights. I think I'm gonna pack this bed and take it home with me.<br><br>
Ok, enough playin' around. I've got to get moving and figure out what I'm gonna do this day. I might explore Jackson a bit before I leave. But first I'm going to try to get in a little exercise and get rid of this huge headache.<br><br>
Hee hee.... I forgot to mention. Typical me girl thing... I totally found some Godiva chocolate last night and darn it I ate it not feelin' the least bit guilty. Yep, I'm a chocohollic when I'm unhappy! Godiva makes all things good.
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Ha ha, what you were holdin' My mom is a red head. I have natural red highlights that stand out more in the summer and sun.
Yep, some were a bit of a blur. There were times when I was thinkin' enough with this fancy smancy cinnema stuff only you guys care about, focus, focus, I'm gettin' a headache!
Nope, not me. I do have a different ID on CR, but I haven't used it very much.
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