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The moderators have restructured the Terms and Conditions of These are now in effect. We will be updating our registration page to include these terms and conditions. Additionally, we will be posting these in the kickwiki area for future reference.<br><br>
Please note: These terms and conditions replace all prior policies including our position on: infractions, demerits, and banning.<br><br>
Please take the time to read these.<br><br>
Thanks<br><br><br><span style="color:#000080;"><br><b>Terms and Conditions for Use of</b></span><br><span style="color:#000080;"><br>
This website is created and offered with no implied warranties, exclusions, privileges, or rights to any user of this site and of its content. The opinions posted here are just that - opinions of the posters and in no way necessarily represent or are endorsed by the staff or owners of<br><br>
Users are allowed only ONE account. Having more than one user account will automatically cause all accounts to be placed in moderation and you may lose all rights to access to<br><br>
Do not post personal or private information in the public forum areas. If you do, you are totally responsible and accountable for the outcome of posting that information. Kickrunners assumes no responsibility for the actions or results of posting private information.<br><br>
Do not post anything in public areas that you do not have expressed permission from the author to post. This includes, but is not limited to - copyrighted information from alternate sources, personal communication not intended for public disclosure, personal identities of persons not wishing to have that information disclosed. ANY violation of this rule could result in removal of access to posting in the forum areas. Continued violation of this rule will result in lost access to all of<br><br>
Making a personal attack or directing vulgarity at any member for any reason that is reported as such will be deleted and your account will be placed in moderation for 3 day period. The 2nd offense and your account will be placed in moderation for an indeterminate amount of time. 3rd violation and access to will be removed.<br><br>
Purchasing of a premium subscription to the advanced features of in no way offers immunity to the rules as listed above. The features and benefits of a premium membership may be changed as necessary by<br><br>
Moderators, at their discretion, for the forums in which they moderate may add additional restrictions or grant additional 'privileges' that may be different from other forum areas. However, all of the Terms and Conditions as listed above apply equally to all areas of Examples of additional restrictions or granted additional privileges are, but not limited to:<br>
A. Call out threads - (placing a users name in a thread title)<br>
B. Sticky Threads - the number, reason or length of 'sticky - status'<br>
C. A perpetual thread - (eg, Random Thoughts or Last Post Wins)<br><br>
Use of Avatars, Signature area, and custom titles can not display or portray any pornographic, vulgar, or other inappropriate communication. The staff of has the sole right to edit or remove any signature, custom title or avatar it finds in violation of the established standards and norms of<br><br>
Advertising any other site, program, offer or monetary event without either an 'advertiser account' or the expressed written permission of is prohibited.<br><br>, it's staff and administration reserves the right to change or modify any and all terms and conditions of use at any time for any reason as required. In addition, rights are reserved to close, remove, or limit access to any users account that - for any reason - is deemed detrimental to the long term success and viability of Closing of an account for expressed cause and violation of any rule of our Terms and Conditions will automatically void any premium subscription and no refund or remaining balance of the subscription period will be refunded, unless approved by the owners of<br><br><br><br><br><br></span>
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