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Tell me about aging...

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Hi, First time I am posting here, I used to lurk in the Boomers on CR every once in a while. I am kind of upset at my poor training run times these days. I cannot decide whether it's the cold, New England weather, or if it's my age that is starting to show (I am turning 48 next week). But I am training for Boston and have more aches and pains than I can ever remember. And it's marathon #35. No injuries, thank goodness. I have really never had a running injury in 20 years of running. But I am upset about it, I admit. I have never been out there taking so many walking breaks and being disappointed at myself for taking them. Any words of wisdom or anything to share?<br>
(I hope this is not arrogant; definitely not meant to be.)
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I'd say take a week of all recovery runs, you still have plenty for your Boston. Double check your diet needs, is everything in balance? Are you getting enough sleep? Only eat one scoop instead of two on the beautiful and delicious ice cream, or make it non-fat yofurt or sorbet. How much alcohol intake lately?
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