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I'm Kerry(male) in Texas. This is my third year run/walking following a massive heart attack. I've completed 2-10Ks, 1-15K, 7-Halfs, 1-25K, 1-30K, and 1 Full. I haven't officially signed up for anything yet this season. I have a 50K on the radar but I told myself I couldn't sign up unless I dropped another 10lbs. Slowly, it's happening. The VRAA has been a big help in working harder this summer through the Texas Heat.<br><br>
Unfortunately, I'm heading out on the 24th and it's doubtful I'll get any points in between then and when this round ends. My goal is to have put up 430 points by then.<br><br>
No matter how bad it may often look, know that I am always trying! I'm literally running for my life.
1 - 5 of 61 Posts
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