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Team Javelin

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Errrrrr...someone here told me to apply...I did and got in.<br><br>
That said...(and no-I'm NOT putting myself down)...<br><br>
Do they let everyone in?<br><br>
I hear their tops end up like a belly shirt<img alt="uhoh2.gif" src=""><br><br>
Who was on the team? Worth it?
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I got in last year and got an automatic shoe-in for this year. I did not purchase another uni for this year, because it is the same color. I love Sugoi stuff, so had absolutely no probs with the fit. I did, though, go a size up and it fit well.<br><br>
I do not have the same issues as a woman, so I can't reply as to two piece or one, but my two piece stayed in place for the entire Gulf Coast Tri. BTW, I did not send a picture of me to them. I just wanted a $25 suit. If that gets them advertising space, then so be it.
You pay $25 for a uniform and promise to wear it at races...that's it. I have never sent a picture, written a race report, nothing. I did wear the uniform to a couple of races, but that was it. As I said before, I was automatically invited to be a team member for this year.<br><br>
There is no coaching, they do not call you, they do not SPAM you with e-mail. They have a website, apparently with a bunch of "active" members. As a member, we are allowed to get discounts with the listed vendors.
1 - 2 of 39 Posts
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