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TEAM J, Week of 01/21

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Hi Team,<br><br>
I hope everybody have a good week.<br><br>
Lisa, I am so sorry you are going through this loss... I hope we can help you to cope in some way. so, please vent away as much as you need. Grieving is a tough slow process and I am sure the whole team wants you to feel comfortable talking about it here. {{{{{{{{{Lisa}}}}}}}}}}
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Today is a rest day for me, but I'm still stiff, so I'll probably do some light stretching and core work this evening.<br><br><b>(((Lisa)))</b> I'm so sorry to hear about your co-worker and friend.
Rest day for me, was going to stretch and do core, but... I'm just to tired... taking a 0, sorry.
9 miles (2 warmup - 5 Tempo - 2 warm down) with Jaeger Dawg.... His farthest run by a mile.
He does rock at running... I think he was mad when I slowed down after the tempo pace.
Jaegs didn't get out at all last week with the cold and nastiness outside, all my runs from Sunday until Saturday were TM runs. So I think he was happy to get out there. He does a 7:30 like he's walking... when I kick it up to tempo pace he's at least trotting a little.
Only able to put in about an hour tonight, so only 7.75 miles... 31 points... I posted them in the main thread, and on the posting site.
Don't be sad - it's Spirit of the Marathon day!!!!!
3 miles before I went to see Spirit of the Marathon.
I got a goose egg yesterday (0 points).<br><br>
28 points today (7 miles running)<br><br>
Tomorrow is my 15k race.
Ummm last time I checked you were totally rocking in the points, so <b>NO</b> you don't look like a slacker!
Congrats on getting into the Umstead Marathon Ty! That's a tough race to get into - they fill up fast! You'll have to let me know how it is, I've always wanted to come down to run that to get my NC in.<br><br>
I'm back from my 15k. I also got in a 1.5 mile warmup and a .75 mile warm down so that's about 11.5 miles so far today. I'm not posting anything because if time permits I'm going to try to put in 3 really easy miles on the TM this evening just to loosen up.<br><br>
The race went well. I pretty much stuck to my plan of running 6:50's with a couple of slightly slower miles on the grass sections of the course, and the last mile which is a long slight uphill. Otherwise I think I was in the 6:45-6:55 range. I finished up in 1:04:55 by my watch. Not a PR, but not far off of my PR.
I hope I get the BQ... I plugged my race today into McMillan and it has me at 3:16:36 which is 37 seconds off of my BQ. BUT... McMillan doesn't know that I wasn't peaking for todays 15k, and that I ran a hard trail run a week ago, so I'm pretty positive I'm right about where I should be. Still a few weeks out. My marathon is the same weekend as your 50 miler I think (my Marathon is April 6th) - I think that's when Umstead is right??<br><br>
You're doing some amazing training, I can't wait to hear about how the 50 miler goes! Just remember it's like putting together a puzzle. You've got to find all the pieces to the puzzle during training, and then put them together on race day!
I'm doing <b>The Athens Marathon</b> in Athens, OH. It's a small race on a flat fast course.<br><br>
Timr1 (from Team K), and I are running it together to try to BQ. Also PacerChris might come down since it's kind of a local race (he's about an hour away), and he said he'd pace us since it's a training run for him, and 3:15ish is a good training pace for him.
It's going to be a blast - even if something happens and I don't BQ - the race will be a nice little meet up, mostly people from the 30Somethings thread - but anyone is welcome I'm sure. There is a half and a full that day. I know you're busy - but I'm throwing it out there in case anyone else in this thread wants to trek out to Athens, OH the first weekend in April...
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