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TEAM J, Week of 01/21

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Hi Team,<br><br>
I hope everybody have a good week.<br><br>
Lisa, I am so sorry you are going through this loss... I hope we can help you to cope in some way. so, please vent away as much as you need. Grieving is a tough slow process and I am sure the whole team wants you to feel comfortable talking about it here. {{{{{{{{{Lisa}}}}}}}}}}
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Lisa - sorry to hear about your loss<br><br>
Kevin, I would have to seriously re-think my residence location!! Yikes<br><br>
How was Chilly Cheeks???? Blast isn't it!! Love the pics!! Wish I was there to enjoy it with you all. Hope you got good shirts this year. Last years were cool. I was thinking of you guys yesterday and thought boy with these temps I am sure your cheeks were chilly!! Did anyone fall? I hit the ground hard 4 times on my first trail race. My husband was waiting at the finish line and when I came out of the woods, his eyes were real big and all he could say was "oh my, are you ok" I looked like I was fighting a war. Trail running is my FAVORITE!!!<br><br>
For me - I was off yesterday and did the long run Sat. Ran along perkiomen creek with the puppers and did 7 m for 28 points. Today will be a light day. I am trying to get out the door for a brief walk and get some points.
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Did a walk with puppers 2 m so added 8 little pnts. Tuez will b regular run day
Ok guys I am scheduled for 4 tonight, but I am going to leave the puppers at home and see how far I go. Will report later and hope to have extra points to add.
Hey All<br>
Yesterday turned out to be an unplanned rest day, so Thurs will be a run day instead of rest.<br><br>
Today hit the gym for 4 m on TM & 30 min core. I will post points now. 22 for Hump Day Wed.<br><br>
This is getting sooooooo exciting!!! I am pumped and am ready to keep pushing. Feeling Great.
hey all<br><br>
Did 5 slow tonight around town. Puppers joined me for the chilly trot. She was pleased to not be left behind. My foot pod died halfway thru run,so I guessed at mileage, however I know it was atleast 5.<br><br>
Love the pics of zeke... love the jacket he has <img alt="smile.gif" src=""> . Starr would never go for that.
hey all, on my way out the door for another soccer tournement. It is about hour & half away, so I will be gone all day. I am taking running gear with, so hoping to find a trail to jump on and get miles in inbetween games.<br><br>
No time to read up on everyone, but I will check in tonight.
1 - 6 of 147 Posts
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